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7 Day Roguelike, Mutant Aliens!
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Direct download:

To run on Windows, run mutantaliens.exe
To build and run on UNIX-like systems, type:
If it complains about something to do with "ESC", try:
        make esc_ok
Mutant Aliens! requires a curses library, so you might need to try something along the lines of
sudo apt-get install libncurses5-dev
And if you're using Ubuntu and have never compiled something before, you will probably need to try
sudo apt-get install build-essential

If there is a crash or some unpleasant behaviour or non-compilation, please email me about it, preferably with a screenshot and/or a way to reproduce it.

In this game, your SHIP gets a bit confused about some radio TRANSMISSIONS, lands you on an unexplored planet, opens the doors, and refuses to shut them.
Your only option, of course, is to pick up your RADIO, GUNS, EXPLOSIVES, and miscellaneous DEVICES, and go DESTROY the transmitter.
Hopefully your ship will let you CLOSE THE DOORS and get to your INTENDED destination once you've accomplished that.

Of course, this being an unexplored planet, it's full of ALIEN MONSTERS that want to claw out your SPLEEN and eat it. Hence all the firearms.

0 is the lowest difficulty, and is a bit too easy. 9 is the hardest difficulty, and it might be winnable! 4 or 5 is supposed to be the standard difficulty.

hjklyubn or numpad      MOVEMENT
f                       FIRE WEAPON
    tab                 TARGET WEAPON (AUTO)
    move                TARGET WEAPON (MANUAL)
    f                   CONFIRM SHOT
t                       THROW DEVICE
    tab                 TARGET DEVICE (AUTO)
    move                TARGET DEVICE (MANUAL)
    t                   CONFIRM THROW
    0-9                    SET TIMER
R                       START/STOP RUNNING (do this often)
r                       CHECK RADIO SIGNAL STRENGTH
X                       WIELD PISTOL
Y                       WIELD RIFLE
Z                       WIELD CANNON (splash damage)
?                       DISPLAY HELP
Q                       QUIT
M                       MUTE ADVICE
C                       CLOSE SHIP DOOR

. t +                   walkable, transparent
T                       walkable, NOT transparent
#                       not walkable, not transparent
other                   your ship

Devices (throw them and use a timer):
A                       Low explosive (radius 2)
B                       High explosive (radius 4)
C                       Hologram (distracts enemies visually)
D                       Noise (distracts enemies that hear it)
E                       Scent (distracts enemies that smell it)
F                       Brain slice (distracts psychic enemies)
All of these have spy cameras that increase your field of vision.

When you see a monster, your observations are recorded in the monster memory.
You can immediately tell its size:
    huge (yellow), medium (cyan), small (magenta)
You can tell if its walk speed is faster or slower than yours:
    slow (between 1/10 and 9/10), avrg (10/10), fast (11/10 +)
If it runs, the same applies to its max running speed:
    slow (less than 19/10), avrg (19/10), fast (20/10 +)
A slow run might be faster than your walk!
If it attacks you, you can tell how strong it is:
    weak, strong, or dangerous
If you kill one, you can tell how healthy it is:
    frail (v. easy to kill), tough (easy, hard, or v. hard to kill)

bug reports/comments/flames to (quendus at google's email domain)
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