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- Fixed small midi learn related glitch: midi learnt CC commands could not be
removed or modified in preferences dialog
- Fixed issue of loosing separate IO ports when loading a session while running
- Moved to sigc++-2.0
- Added plugin tests
- Fixed seg-fault when undoing wating to record
- Fixing erronous muting when off
- Fixed SooperLooper being mistakenly identified as remote
- Now ignoring non .wav and non .slsess files in load and save file selection dialogues
- Mute now flashes when waiting to go into mute instead of rev flashing
- Mute of others flashes instead of solo flashing when going in and out of solo
- Fixed CC bindings for commands that need to be registered as hits
- MIDI bindings choice now sorted alphabetically
- File selector now defaults to home and tracks last load/save
- Removed arbitrary maximum loop memory limit in Add Custom Loop...
- Fixed issue of some controls not showing up when you have more than 5 loops
SooperLooper engine:
- Fixed issue of not being able to load audio files from session when not started from the same directory
- Fixed fade not working after undo_all
- Removed 1 sample click in multiply
- Fixed individual loop monitor not being sent to main-out
- Fixed toggle MIDI bindings requiring double press when first loaded
- Fixed some clicks when undoing
- Added CCon and CCoff messagage types to midi bindings
- Can now mute and un-mute when loop is in Off state
- Fixed bug where long-presses were causing undo-all when they weren't supposed to
- OSC Auto Update time can now be set between 10-100ms
- "osc.udp://" can be omitted from the return URL parameter of any OSC message
- SooperLooper no longer seg-faults when an invalid return URL is given
- State and waiting AU parameters now working
- Fixed parameter update race condition, so values reflect newly changed state
- Small maintenance on help output, OSC doc file and indentation, spelling etc.
- HTML docs now include full MIDI command reference
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