Advanced network visual editor for NS2 and NAM
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I decided to adopt and refine the code as there was no trace of a website and it had remained untouched since 2000. All credit for legacy structure (i.e. what was present at the "Initial Commit" stage) goes to Enrique Campos-Nanez. See ChangeLog.old for old history (i.e. pre-GIT)

This project is hosted at GitHub: refer to that page for opening tickets, requesting features and contacting the author (well, the present author, Stefano Sanfilippo - Enrique Campos should be reachable at the email address at the bottom of this file).

The new icon set is taken from GNOME 3 icons, released under GPL.

Refer to doc/AUTHORS for contact information.


This project is released under BSD-permissive. Exact license terms are contained in doc/LICENSE

Prebuilts for Windows

Windows executables for NS2, NAM and DLL for tcl are provided for convenience only. The author did not compile or audit the binaries and makes NO warranty. See README.prebuilts for specific information.


Files are installed in the ./nscript directory at top level and prebuilt zip is placed there too. The build system does not support root installation, but I am definitely going to add that.


This is a Java application, so you will need a JRE/JDK installed.

IMPORTANT: you must have JDK 1.5 or more recent (recommended >= 1.6). I strongly recommend JDK 1.7, first because it fixes many security updates, and secondly because I am planning to refactor unsafe code and 1.7 additions might come into play.

You must have Apache Ant installed. Most GNU/Linux distributions ship it, so you should use your package manager. Windows and Mac users will find prebuilt binaries on ANT website.

You also need Proguard installed. Adjust the path to proguard.jar in the first lines of build.xml to reflect your current installation.



mvn package assembly:single

and you will get a nice target/nscript-*.{zip,gz,bz2} file ready to ship, unpack, send &co.

The build process should last less than a minute (much less).

Note for *nix lovers

The build system is integrated with a Makefile, so that the installation boils down to the familiar:


NOTE: that's only a convenience, you will need Apache Maven and a JDK anyway.


I've been doing a lot of refactoring since the codebase was old (see Git log). Anyway, there are some rough edges that I don't think it's worth addressing, as they would require a massive redesign of NScript (which supports an outdated version of NS) and I'd rather rewrite it from scratches for NS3 rather than refigure class layout (maybe it will happen in the future, but do not count on it).

Spefically, the distribution between Object and Tcl classes/interfaces is incorrect, since it forces to do unchecked casts to subclass in order to retrieve specific attributes. There are big switch() trees using "type" flags which should have been implemented as a subclassing mechanism instead.

Notes applying to the original archive as downloaded from the Internet.

  • The original zipfile was downloaded from:

  • I found no reference webpage for this software and last update dates back to 12 years ago. First step was to rationalize source code and move to JDK 1.7 compliance (e.g. all source files were moved in a package)

  • All dot files (.DS_store &co.) have been removed: obviously they weren't part of the source - they were rather unintentional leaves.

  • The package contained no license (seriously): I've assigned a BSD-permissive license to the package. The original author (Enrique Campos-Nunez) agreed with this choice.

  • Old docs were stripped as outdated and so were the javadocs (and all of the generated resources).

  • For all modifications and fixes please refer to the git log.

--Stefano Sanfilippo