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This document explains in as much details as possible the list of planned changes and work to be done on the Cowboy server. It is intended to be exhaustive but some elements might still be missing.

All the following items must be done before Cowboy 1.0 is released.

  • Parse support for all standard HTTP/1.1 headers

  • Support for multipart requests and responses

  • Convenience API for extracting query string and body information, similar to PHP's $_GET, $_POST and $_FILES

  • Add Range support to REST

  • SPDY support

    We are only interested in supporting existing implementations, not the full protocol, as this protocol has been abandoned in favor of HTTP/2.0

  • Complete the user guide

The following items pertain to Ranch, but are equally important.

  • Resizing the acceptor pool

    We should be able to add more acceptors to a pool but also to remove some of them as needed

  • Add Transport:secure/0

    Currently Cowboy checks if a connection is secure by checking if its name is 'ssl'. This isn't a very modular solution, adding an API function that returns whether a connection is secure would fix that issue