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Erlang Game Server
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apps Work in progress on egs_net (will be amended)
docs/protocol docs: Add command 1214: enable/disable season.
p Work in progress on egs_net (will be amended)
priv Work in progress on egs_net (will be amended)
save Initial commit. Server capable of handling a few lobbies.
LICENSE.txt Change the license from GPLv3 to Affero GPL, which is based on GPLv3.
Makefile Rename Makefile target server into app.
README The server now requires Erlang R14B to run.
rebar.config Work in progress on egs_net (will be amended)


EGS is a GNU AGPL Erlang Game Server for the game Phantasy Star Universe: AOTI.

This is a community effort toward reviving the now dead western PC servers.
Ultimately the goal is to provide common components for instanced action
RPG game servers, by providing facilities to handle characters, items,
communication aspects, and more. A later goal could be to research a new
and optimized protocol and build an associated client.

This is a very early work in progress. It does not include any data files
yet, meaning one cannot at this point run a server without using the
proprietary files from AOTI.

The server requires Erlang R14B to compile and run.

Use 'make' to compile, 'make run' to run and 'make fclean' to cleanup.
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