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The Essential Web™
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The Essential Web™

11:21pm, Saturday, December 17, 2016 ET [en-US]
🔍 World Wide Web 🔍 Writers 🔍 Readers 🔍 Markdown

The World Wide Web has become so fat it needs an intervention.

The Essential Web™ is a regimagining of the web as if readers, writers, coders, and creatives had created it instead of scientists; a kind of Medium™, Kindle™, Google™ and OpenPGP combined in an open source, open world way where peers collaborate and collect each other's work enabling a fully peer-2-peer, decentralized social search engine.

On the Essential Web readers use minimal, open reader apps and devices designed to open specifications that are so small they can be embedded in others

Writers write in plain text Essential Markdown™, with limited illustrations. If advertising is to take place it must be accomplished with written reviews that appeal to readers or will get no visibility.

Accessibility isn't added on, but core. The blind can easily participate

Content is published freely by anyone without publisher friction described with simple, in-line, readable, meta data, and indexed in a predictable way. "Search engine optimization" isn't a dark art of cracking a mysterious corporate secret by greasy marketing types. Readers — not corporations — set the rules of search based on a standardized, enforced document semantic structure that is built into every document from the beginning, not strongly encouraged by an impotent "standards' body after the fact.

Toxic, flammable comments get no oxygen.

Thoughtless mob "like" mentality and forwarding without reading are rendered impossible.

Trolls have no bridges to haunt, no way to attack. Writers must use more than one line or two to express their opinions. Essential dialog maintains value by setting the price of admission: the intelligence and motivation to produce a document worth of peer recognition and recommendation.

Individuals, communities, and events become their own local network search hubs simply by the people connected to them who chose to write and share. Essential documents are discovered and collected from peer-curated collections available locally or globally. Essential peers meet and opt to share and be collected themselves collected by their interests. Peers set their level of visibility and trust.

Encrypted personal collections can live anywhere safely — including in your distributed cloud hosted by your trusted peers instead of centralized away behind some corporate firewall with zero accountability and user content control.

User cloud information, identity, attribution and content is optionally protected with above military-grade encryption ensuring it remains safe and in the user’s control instead of being trusted to bloated browsers and faulty, failing Internet pipelines.

Ideas, debate and dialog flow as freely and safely as beer at the local pub or laughter on a Kindergarten recess field because users decide exactly what they read with reliable filters.

In short, the Essential Web is what most thinking, creative, people of the world really want: a web worth reading.

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