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Citation: Di Iorio, A., Gonzalez-Beltran, A., Osborne, F., Peroni, S., Poggi, F., Vitali, F. (2016). It ROCS! The RASH Online Conversion Service. To appear in the Companion Volume of the Proceedings of the 25th International World Wide Web Conference (WWW 2016). Available in RASH and PDF.

The RASH Online Conversion Service (ROCS)

The RASH Online Conversion Service, or ROCS, is a Python web application based on that allows one to convert an ODT document written according to the simple guidelines into RASH, and from RASH into LaTeX compliant with the Springer LNCS LaTeX class and ACM ICPS class.

For running the service, one has to call the script followed by the port where to made available the service, e.g.:

./ 9000

For using the service, open a browser and access to the URL http://localhost:[port]/rocs. If you call the service as suggested above on the port 9000, the URL to access with the browser will be http://localhost:9000/rocs.

Please run the script to stop the service.

Online version

An online version of ROCS is available at


Installation steps on Max OS X

  1. pip install
  2. brew install libxml2
  3. xcode-select --install
  4. pip install lxml