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An smpp34 library in Erlang. Built on top of smpp34pdu PDU parsing library
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smpp34 is an SMPP 3.4 library in Erlang

It is designed to be used along with smpp34pdu library for
SMPP 3.4 communications.

It uses smpp34pdu to handle wire-level packing and unpacking,
and instead focuses on the task of actually setting up the 
communication infrastructure as defined by the protocol.

It is a re-write of an internal existing smpp library and is
written to solve the problems encountered with said library.

It is currently feature complete and is currently undergoing 
mandatory maturing out in the wild, as it is being used to
develop a real application with hundreds of thousands of 
transactions a day.

smpp34 is built with rebar, the awesome erlang build tool.

There is a Makefile wrapping up its use, so it plays nice with other
build environments.

First clone the sources from git hub:

   $ git clone git://

Then build:
   $ cd smpp34
   $ make

Deploy like any other erlang library


This library exposes two API sets.

    - smpp34_esme - A synchronous client API
    - gen_esme34 - An asynchronous client API/behaviour that fits into
                   the Erlang/OTP supervision tree.


The following is an example of the smpp34_esme client api:


% We need to include the smpp34pdu PDU record definitions

start() ->
	% first start the smpp34 library application

	% Then connect to an SMSC to obtain an ESME object
	{ok, Esme} = smpp34_esme:connect("localhost", 10001),

	% Bind as a transceiver
	TrxPdu = #bind_transceiver{system_id="username", password="password"},
	ok = smpp34_esme:send(Esme, TrxPdu),

	% Retrieve our response
	{ok, #pdu{}=RespPdu} = smpp34_esme:recv(Esme),

	%close the connection


smpp34_esme as a synchronous client API, does not fit very well 
when building an ESME server akin to Kannel. It also does not fit
into the Erlang/OTP supervision tree.

gen_esme34 is designed to fill these gaps. It works asynchronously, fits
into the Erlang/OTP tree and is intended as a workhorse when building non
trivial applications.

Documentation of the internals of gen_esme34 and its design decision is at 

Two example ESMEs built with gen_esme34 are available in the source:
    - examples/hello_esme.erl
    - examples/echo_esme.erl


Currently the entire concept is fully implemented from end to end. So I 
would classify this as alpha grade software.

What is left now is intense code review, agressive benchmarking and 
measurements and the invariably the optimizations and possible redesigns of
key sections.

This stage will be driven by using it to build an SMPP 3.4 gateway/application
server. I expect it to mature better while that effort is ongoing.
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