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Estatio Open Source Estate Management built on Apache Isis
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Estatio: an open source estate management system.

Estatio is modern and flexible property management software. It offers real estate professionals and service providers the power and flexibility to manage their business in a superior, flexible and cost-effective manner.


The following screenshots (taken 13 december 2014) correspond to the business logic in Estatio’s domain object model.

All properties

AllProperties Map







Trying out Estatio

Building Estatio


Estatio runs on Java and is built with Maven. The source code is managed using git, and is held on github.

If you don’t already have them installed, install Java (JDK 6 or later), Maven (3.0.4 or later), and git.

After that, you’ll need to manually build and install the google RFC-2445 Jar (this is not available in Maven Central repo).

git clone
cd google-rfc-2445/
git checkout mavenized
mvn clean install -DskipTests

Download and build Estatio

Download using git:

git clone
cd estatio

and build using maven:

mvn clean install

The clone is approx 400Mb, and takes approximately 5 minutes to build.

Configure Estatio (JDBC URL)

Before Estatio can be run, you must configure its JDBC URL; typically this lives in the webapp/src/main/webapp/WEB-INF/ properties file.

You can do this most easily by copying a set of property entries from webapp/src/main/webapp/WEB-INF/

For example, to run against an in-memory HSQLDB, the file should consist of:


The JDBC driver for HSQLDB is on the classpath. If you want to connect to some other database, be sure to update the pom.xml to add the driver as a <dependency>.

Run Estatio

You can run Estatio either using mvn jetty plugin, or using the standalone (self-hosting) version of the WAR:

  • Running through Maven

    Run using:

    mvn -pl estatioapp/webapp jetty:run
  • Running as a self-hosting JAR

    Package using:

    mvn -pl estatioapp/webapp -Dmavenmixin-jettyconsole package

    and run using:

    mvn -pl estatioapp/webapp -Dmavenmixin-jettyconsole antrun:run

Once the app has started, browse to:


Using Estatio

  • Login using estatio-admin/pass or estatio-user/pass.

  • Install some demo fixtures (as estatio-admin):

    Prototyping > Run Fixture Script > Run script: Estatio Demo Fixture
  • Run a script to setup invoices:

    Prototyping > Run Fixture Script > Run script: Generate Top Model Invoice

And take a look around :-)

If you encounter any bugs, do let us know.

Developers' Guide

A developers guide can be found here.


Thanks to:


You are free to adapt or extend Estatio to your needs. If you would like assistance in doing so, go to

You can find plenty of help on using Apache Isis at the Isis mailing lists. There is also extensive online documentation.

Copyright 2012-`date` Eurocommercial Properties NV

Licensed under Apache License 2.0

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