Latest commit 246638f Jan 28, 2017 @steida steida committed on GitHub Universal styles (#1306)
* Remove unused deps

* Update type defs, except react-redux 5

React-redux somehow doesn’t work, it probably needs more actual

* Refactor and clean universal Box

Yep, destructuring magic with default values.

* Refactor Root, add BrowserRoot to be reused for SSR

* Wip

* wip

* Add universal Image

* Fix things here and there, finish browser HomePage

* Make Loading universal, fix bugs, finish UsersPage

* prettier-atom ftw

I will apply that for a new files. Let’s wait awhile before reformat
whole all filled.

* Fix Button disabled opacity

* Finish browser IntlPage, NotFoundPage, OfflinePage

* wip

- Fela is the best, fela-plugin-placeholder-prefixer ftw
- refactor Form
- finish browser Todos
- comments and fixes here and there

* OK, for computed placeholder color fade is the best

Manually tested on black, white, color text.

* Add universal Field component

TextInput must be simple. Field demonstrates custom form field
component with a label and an error.

* wip

* Hmm, for some reason, Chrome injects 1px padding

* FieldsPage

Checkbox and Radio refactored

* Css in JS based on Fela with universal typed Text and Box components has been completed

* Fix flow-typed

Delete bluebird and react-redux.
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