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Begin CBV vs. FBV narrative with an introductory blurb

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+Why class-based views?
+At their core, class-based views are intended to solve the same problem as
+function-based views: process requests and return responses. What makes class
+views different from function views is the approach they provide to solving
+that problem in different contexts where view functions may not suffice. That
+approach, as you could guess by the name, is modularity and extensibility via
+Python classes. The cost is potentially lost clarity around a views flow of
+control. However, there are situations where for a sufficiently complex view
+the flow of control can be unclear and the implied flow-control offered by
+a well documented base-class becomes appropriate. These are differences we'll
+demonstrate below.
+Finally, class-based views are not limited to the generic class-based views,
+which are simply Django's traditional generic views implemented as classes.
+However, those generic views do provide good examples for shallow inheritance
+and view composition via mixins.
+TODO continue...
+When should I use class-based views?
Basic examples

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