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1.2 (unreleased)
  • add french translation [toutpt]
1.1 2011-06-10
  • Don't show viewlets providing IAmIgnoredByGloworm in the viewlet manager inspection panel. [esteele]
  • Move the "Inspect this page" link from document actions to its own viewlet since Plone 4 does not use those actions by default. [esteele]
  • Hide the uninstall profile from add/remove products and site creation pages. [esteele]
  • Added support for i18n. [macagua]
  • Added support for Spanish l10n. [macagua]
  • Fix incorrectly-named skin layer registration [esteele]
  • Implement IViewView to display more viewlets [elro]
  • Fix approach to dealing with TAL attributes that come in as a string rather than an array. [davisagli]
  • Use BoundPageTemplates instead of acquisition-wrapped templates in Zope 2.12 [davisagli]
  • Improved handling of inspection of custom views, viewlets, and viewlet managers.
  • Refactored tests
  • Improved source annotation searching
  • Improved auto-scrolling of the navigation tree.
  • Added scrolling for the content well.
  • Added a dependency on archetypes.kss>=1.4.2 for IInlineEditingEnabled support.
  • Changed icons for show/hide viewlets.
  • Added help text to show/hide viewlet icons
  • Added new icons and help text for nav tree items.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the inspect viewlet panel template from realizing that a customization already existed.
  • Fixed a bug preventing viewlets from rerendering properly when customizations are discarded.
  • Added a "visibility" field and show/hide link to the inspect viewlets panel.
  • Added resize handles to resizable panels
  • Viewlet customization no longer assumes that templates are created with a zope.interface.interface prefix.
  • Fixed a rendering issue that caused portal_tabs to not display its CSS when the portal-header viewlet manager was rerendered.
  • is now Products.Gloworm
  • Disabled viewlet moving (to other viewlet managers) for this release. It will be enabled once it's been sufficiently stabilized.
  • Display errors inline when attempting to save templates containing errors
  • Removed the need to mark archetypes.kss with a condition turning it off for the @@inspect view
  • Added portions of the YUI framework for UI enhancements
  • Fixed some issues with inspecting reordered and customized viewlets
  • GloWorm panel is now resizable
  • Improved non-Firefox browser support (tested in Safari, Opera, IE 7)
  • Added results for tal:attributes
  • Archetypes field inspection
  • Navigation tree auto-scrolling
  • Beginning work on grabbing SourceAnnotation output
  • Corrected a missing import in 0.1a6
  • Added a document navigation tree