Shipping calculation library based on Symfony 2 components.
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Shipping Calculator

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Shipping calculation library based on Symfony 2 components.


Add in your composer.json the require entry for this library.

    "require": {
        "shiptor/shipping-calculator": "*"

and run composer install (or update) to download all files.


How to create a calculator?

Example code below will create the calculator for a single shipment method.

$config = include __DIR__.'/../src/Resources/DHL/ExportExpressWorldWide/tariff_2015_08_25_usa.php';
$calculator = new BaseCalculator([
    'handler' => DhlHandler::create($config)

What is what:

  • DhlCalculatorHandler contains calculation algorithm for the Dhl Express Shipping Method;
  • $config contains configuration for the DhlHandler;
  • BaseCalculator is a wrapper for a calculation handlers, it contains an algorithm "How to use calculation handlers" and returns a calculation result;

How to calculate a package shipping?

Example code below will create a package and calculate shipping cost for Dhl Express.

// previous example code here

$weight = new Weight();

$dimensions = new Dimensions();

$senderAddress = new Address();

$recipientAddress = new Address();

$package = new Package();

$result = $calculator->calculate($package);

What is what:

  • Weight contains information about physical weight;
  • Dimensions contains information about package box dimensions. It is required to calculate a volumetric weight of your package;
  • $senderAddress and $recipientAddress contains information about sender and recipient;
  • Package is a wrapper object to all objects above. You will need to pass this object to calculate method of your calculator;
  • $result contains your package and resulting calculation data;

How to extend a calculator?

Shipping calculator uses symfony event dispatcher and you can use it to extend calculation algorithms as you need. For example, you can increase shipping cost by 10$.

// place calculator creation code here

$calculator->getDispatcher()->addListener(Events::AFTER_CALCULATE, function (AfterCalculateEvent $event) {
    $event->getResult()->setShippingCost($event->getResult()->getShippingCost() + 10);

What is what:

  • Events::AFTER_CALCULATE is an event calling when calculation ends and calculation result is ready;
  • AfterCalculateEvent is an event object which contains calculation result and package. Look to other available events here;

More ideas how to use and extend shipping calculator

  • create calculation handlers for other couriers and shipping methods;
  • create calculators and realize your own algorithms using handlers;