A Mac app to turn Vine videos into gifs
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A Mac app to turn Vine videos into gifs

Download the (built) app here:

Version 1.1: http://untypic.al/media/VineGifR_v1_1.zip


  • Added low and high quality options. Low will export a gif less than 2mb for Imgur, high has an increased frame rate and is just under 5mb.
  • Cleaned up URL handling, so you'll see fewer "this isn't a Vine URL" errors.

Version 1.0: http://untypic.al/media/VineGifR.zip

Thanks to...

The Vine team for making such an awesome app, and the authors of Giraffe and Hpple for having such awesome open source libraries.

A note

This is my second-ever Mac app and I'm sure I did everything wrong as far as project structure. I'd appreciate any feedback for future projects!