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Hlsjs MediaInfo Module

Add-on module for hls.js to expose stream media info.
Tested with hls.js v0.10.1, might not work with earlier versions.


npm install          # install dev-dependences
npm install -g gulp  # install build tool
gulp release         # packaged & minimized js will be emitted in dist folder


<script src="hls.min.js"></script>
<script src="hlsjsMediaInfo.min.js"></script>
<video id="videoElement"></video>
    var hlsplayer = new Hls();
    hlsplayer.loadSource(...); // load your manifest here
    HlsjsMediaInfoModule.observeMediaInfo(hlsplayer); // setup observer

    hlsplayer.mediaInfo // this will hold info of stream when available

infos available

  • Event hlsMIStatPercentage:
    Triggered with download progress percentage, value is between 0 to 1

  • Property downloadSpeed:
    Fragments download speed, updated every second, in KB/s.

  • Property mediaInfo:
    Current playing quality stream info, see Level info for detail.

  • Property mediaInfoLevels:
    All parsed quality levels info, addition with a current property points to current downloading quality stream (This may not be the same as mediaInfo).

  • Level info

  |---- level: id of this quality level
  |---- bitrateMap: array holds correspoding bitrate for every second of muxed stream
  |---- video/audio: shared properties
  |          |----- timeScale: stream timing scale
  |          |----- samples: AVLTree object of sample size
  |          |----- bitrateMap: bitrate map of this seperate stream
  |          |----- totalDuration: sum of parsed samples' duration
  |          |----- totalSize: sum of parsed samples' size
  |          |----- averageBitrate: average bitrate calculated from parsed samples
  |---- video
  |       |----- videoCodec
  |       |----- width
  |       |----- height
  |       |----- fps
  |       |----- profile
  |       |----- level
  |       |----- chromaFormat
  |       |----- sarNum
  |       |----- sarDen
  |---- audio
          |----- audioCodec
          |----- audioSampleRate
          |----- audioChannelCount

Used compoments

flv.js (Modified fork)