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Release v0.7.0 has no significant functional changes for most users, but includes fixes that make it more useful for production activities that are already being done with branches or pre-release copies of manifest-tool.


  • Thanks to @rn, manifest-tool can be used with a 3rd party notary client to officially sign manifest list objects in a registry. manifest-tool now outputs the size of the canonical JSON in the successful push output after the digest SHA (#45)
  • @avian2 cleaned up the use of ldflags in the Makefile via #46
  • @tianon added full support for ARM variants in the make cross target by using proper GOARM flags, and generally making hack/cross.sh a lot better :) in #51
  • Several Makefile cleanups around having a separate static target and allowing make binary to be used for a normal dynamically linked binary; and using Golang 1.9.1 release for in-container builds and noting this via README content additions ( #48 and #51)
  • Allowing push to library/xxx targets to allow @tianon and official image builders to push official content (#49)
  • Tags documentation in README from @tianon (#44)
  • Test script for testing Docker v2 API conforming registry support for manifest lists (#39)

Note that official release binaries now have v5, v6, and v7 arm32 variants as well an i386 Linux variant added to the rest of the architecture support already in prior releases.


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The v0.6.0 release is a small release with one new capability and an important bug fix for private registries. In addition to these changes, the README.md has been significantly revamped with clearer examples and documentation on all the capabilities of manifest-tool.


  • Added the capability to tag the target/final image with more than a single tag. Useful for the manifest list/multi-platform image creation by automated official image tooling which needs to handle many tags for a single final image (e.g. :3.6.2, :3.6, :3.6-alpine, :3, :latest). Extra tags are provided in the YAML input with a tags: entry that accepts a list of additional tags. (PR #32)
  • Fixed a bug with handling the manifest reference pushes (in the cross-repository push case) where for private registries the registry hostname:port information was not being trimmed when creating the push URL. This was reported in two issues (#33 and #34) where private registries were being used as well as the target image being a different repo name than the origin image(s). (PR #35)
  • Significant update to the README.md documentation for manifest-tool (PR #37)

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The v0.5.0 release includes the following changes:

  • From @tianon (Thanks!), PR #21: Auto-populate OS and architecture from source manifest when not specified in YAML. Caveat is that source manifest could be incorrect (cross-compiled content built on non-target architecture), but we will document this in the README.
  • PR #26, correct some buggy code related to v2-only registry interactions
  • PR #28, several fixes to handle Windows images/interactions more correctly; a) preserve os.version and os.features from source manifest in the target platform object, b) handle all success HTTP codes for cross-repo mount of Windows base layers, c) show os.version and os.features in inspect output (thanks to @StefanScherer for reporting and testing fixes!)
  • PR #29, Add --ignore-missing flag to push subcommands to allow manifest list creation from YAML or command line for "best case" of existing images instead of failure on any missing source image reference. Thanks to @tianon for the suggestion.

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The v0.4.0 pre-release includes the following changes:

  • Significant improvement: manifest-tool will no longer create extra tags when the source platform-specific images are in a different repo than the target multi-platform image. Instead, push-by-digest is used. Thanks to @dmcgowan for the help!
  • Corrected output from inspect that listed image config JSON blobs as "layers". Also slight improvement to push in that the config blob is not attempted to be blob mounted twice.
  • The manifest list entry's digest is now listed in the output of inspect instead of only when --debug is enabled.
  • make cross will build the 7 binaries for platforms included in the release
  • make signrelease will GPG sign the release output binaries

@estesp estesp released this Jan 22, 2017 · 67 commits to master since this release

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Release v0.3.0 includes the great cleanup, refactoring, and command-line configuration support contributions by Lucas Käldström (@luxas).

Please note that this tool is meant as a stop-gap and "proof of concept" utility until the docker manifest command proposed and being implemented in moby/moby#27455 is complete. At that time I do not plan on maintaining or supporting this tool further.

Binaries for several major GOOS/GOARCH combinations are provided for convenience.

May 2, 2016
Merge pull request #10 from mathewkoshy493/master
added unit test for validate name,status success and fix manifest layer

@estesp estesp released this Jan 16, 2017 · 72 commits to master since this release

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Release 0.2.0 based on original PoC work, detailed in blog post here: manifest tool blog entry from 2016

Not production ready and does not support HTTP only (no TLS/SSL) private registries. It is valuable to test out the "manifest list" object capabilities of the Docker 1.10 and above engine and Docker registry v2.3 and above.

Feb 29, 2016
bump v0.1.9
Signed-off-by: Antonio Murdaca <runcom@redhat.com>
Feb 29, 2016
support insecure registries
Signed-off-by: Antonio Murdaca <runcom@redhat.com>
Feb 22, 2016
bump docker to 1.10.2
Signed-off-by: Antonio Murdaca <runcom@redhat.com>