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Website advertising NoBugs! pest control supply store in Philadelphia, PA
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NoBugs! is a pest control supply company in Philadelphia, PA. My father founded the company in 1983, inspired by his father's pest control supply business founded in 1935. My parents now co-own the company and have largely kept their business off of the internet, advertising through paper and word of mouth. I created this website to help them advertise online and generate more business from a wider audience. Visitors can sign up for the business mailing list on each page of the site, and their email addresses get stored on a Google Sheets spreadsheet that the owners use to keep track of their customer base via the Google Sheets API.


I began the NoBugs! website implementation by outlining a basic implementation plan:

  1. Create SVG version of the NoBugs! logo, which previously existed on paper only
  2. Design website layout with feedback from the business owners a. Create a basic page structure based on the owners' request for the website's contents (a minimal website with basic business description and contact information) b. Create a layout style with a header, footer, etc. c. Design with mobile-first approach
  3. Add content to each page of the website a. Incorporate family photos where appropriate
  4. Beef up website for user experience a. Ensure images have appropriate alt and title attributes b. Add responsive hover styles for buttons, links and images c. Add responsive header style while scrolling d. Add modal windows for zooming into family photos e. Test responsive sizing for all device screens f. Test with different browsers to ensure content is displayed clearly g. Test with JavaScript disabled to ensure content is still accessible and displayed clearly
  5. Purchase domain name for website after establishing approval from business owners (
  6. Deploy website files to domain
  7. Add SSL and HTTP redirect to HTTPS

Following the plan, I created the website and pushed it to GitHub. I purchased the domain name through Namecheap and deployed the GitHub repository through Netlify, through which I added SSL and HTTP redirect to HTTPs.

Throughout the process, I solicited feedback on the design and content from the business owners, tweaking everything from wording to color styles to usability to meet their needs and leading the design process when they were unsure of what would work best for their target audience (individuals in search of DIY supplies in the immediate area, exterminators looking to purchase equipment, etc.) I kept them informed on my progress each step of the way and helped them understand the process of website implementation, a new territory for them.


Once we launched the website, I claimed the NoBugs! listings on Google, Facebook, Yellowpages, and various pest control supply directories. I updated the information on these listings to include the new website, as well as correct contact information and pictures where appropriate. I purchased stickers on Sticker Mule for the business owners to share with their customers and distribute around the neighborhood.

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