Slack app for controlling Sonos speakers using the node-sonos-http-api
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Slack bot in Ruby that can control your Sonos system through the node-sonos-http-api. []. Interacts heavily with Spotify and TuneIn.

Built on the slack-ruby-bot framework. []


Before You Start

  1. Have a Slack Bot API Token[]

  2. Have a Spotify app username and passwork.[]

  3. The computer where you run this app must be able to talk to your node-sonos-http-api. This means if you are running this app externally to your network you must have ports forwarded appropriately.

  4. Have a username and password setup on your node-sonos-http-api.

  5. Fork/Clone this repo.

Setting Environment Variables

  1. Copy .env.sample to .env
  2. Enter values for all the variables.
  • SLACK_API_TOKEN (api token for slack bot)
  • RSPOTIFY_TOKEN (spotify app token)
  • RSPOTIFY_PASSWORD (spotify app password)
  • USERNAME (username for sonos api)
  • PASSWORD (password for sonos api)
  • NODE_SONOS_HTTP_API_URL (url for sonos api)
  • SLACK_RUBY_BOT_ALIASES (any aliases you want jukebot to respond to)

Run It

  1. ruby jukebot.rb

JukeBot controls your Sonos rooms

alt text

JukeBot finds music

alt text

JukeBot plays music

alt text

JukeBot likes the radio

alt text

JukeBot makes it louder

alt text

JukeBot pauses it

alt text

JukeBot moves it along

alt text

JukeBot tells you what's playing

alt text