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Scriptaculous Documentation on GitHub Pages

Since the new GitHub wikis do not support inline JavaScript, script.aculo.us is moving its documentation to GitHub Pages as the old GitHub wiki is being phased out. This makes collaboration on documentation the same workflow as collaboration the script.aculo.us source code.

Contributing to the documentation

All documentation is under the gh-pages branch. To edit the documentation, fork the script.aculo.us project and edit the documentation under the gh-pages branch in your fork. When you are finished editing your documentation, please send a pull request from your repository explaining the changes you wish to pull. The primary project collaborators will be notified.

Getting started with GitHub Pages

New documentation can be written in Textile or HTML. For more on what GitHub pages supports, visit the GitHub pages overview and read about pages. For more on contributing to script.aculo.us, read the Contribute page to learn how you can help.