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-Esprima ([]( is an educational
+Escodegen ([escodegen]( is
(also popularly known as [JavaScript](>JavaScript))
-parsing infrastructure for multipurpose analysis. It is also written in ECMAScript.
+code generator from [Parser API]( AST.
-Esprima can be used in a web browser:
+Escodegen can be used in a web browser:
- <script src="esprima.js"></script>
+ <script src="escodegen.js"></script>
or in a Node.js application via the package manager:
- npm install esprima
-Esprima parser output is compatible with Mozilla (SpiderMonkey)
-[Parser API](
-A very simple example:
- esprima.parse('var answer=42').body[0].declarations[0].init
-produces the following object:
- { type: 'Literal', value: 42 }
-Esprima is still in the development, for now please check
-[the wiki documentation](
-Since it is not comprehensive nor complete, refer to the
-[issue tracker]( for
-[known problems](
-and [future plans](
-Esprima is supported on [many browsers](
-IE 6+, Firefox 1+, Safari 3+, Chrome 1+, and Opera 8+.
-Feedback and contribution are welcomed! Please join the
-[mailing list]( and read the
-[contribution guide](
-for further info.
+ npm install escodegen
### License
-Copyright (C) 2012, 2011 [Ariya Hidayat](
- (twitter: [@ariyahidayat]( and other contributors.
+Copyright (C) 2012 [Yusuke Suzuki](
+ (twitter: [@Constellation]( and other contributors.
Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without
modification, are permitted provided that the following conditions are met:

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