Collectd plugin which supports ESTP over ZeroMQ
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Collectd Plugin for ESTP over ZeroMQ

The ESTP is Extensible Statistics Transmission Protocol. The protocol is intended to become standard protocol for submission statistics data by zeromq applications. More info can be found here:

The plugin allows both to receive data from zeromq for storing by collectd and to publish collectd-provided statistics to zeromq socket. So it's capable to send data between collectd instances too


The following is a basic build process:

git submodule update --init
sudo make install

Note: the build process clones full collectd repository and runs "configure" on it. You can ignore the whole configure output, as nothing except header files are used from collectd itself. If there is better way to build collectd plugin please send pull requests.


The following is example config, which accepts data:

LoadPlugin zeromq_estp
<Plugin "zeromq_estp">
  <Socket Subscribe>
    HWM 1000
    Bind "tcp://*:6666"

Any zeromq address can be specified for Bind.

The following is example config, which sends data from collectd to another collectd instance or any other processing application:

LoadPlugin zeromq_estp
<Plugin "zeromq_estp">
  <Socket Publish>
    HWM 1000
    Connect "tcp://"

Note: if you have write filters enabled, do not forget to add "zeromq_estp" plugin to your "write" target.

The Connect and Bind directives both can be used in any socket types, and can be used multiple times. Pull socket can be used instead Subscribe, likewise Push socket can be used instead Publish. However, this is rarely useful in practice. For more information refer to zeromq documentation.

The HWM directive shows the maximum amount of messages buffered. You should set it because otherwise zeromq memory usage may be unbounded.