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Collectd Extension for ESTP

Author: Paul Colomiets <>
Version: 0.1

The goal of this extension is to provide lossless export of collectd data to ESTP protocol, being able to provide standard protocol for applications that doesn't need collectd-specific parts.

Example of extension data:

ESTP:teapot:load::shortterm: 2012-06-11T21:36:57 10 0.37
 :collectd: type=load items=shortterm,midterm,longterm

The above specifies that time collectd should use is load and that three values should be combined to form single collectd value

Extension Structure

Extension name is "collectd". According to ESTP specification, the extension line must start with `` :collectd:`` (note the space at the start). Following is a list of key-value pairs delimited equals (=) sign. The keys are:

  • type -- the collectd type of the value, must exists in types.db if different from "gauge", "derive", "absolute"
  • items -- the comma-separaged suffixes of the metrics, that should be combined to form the collectd type, if type has more than one value

Note if the type is one of the types that ESTP supports natively, the whole extension line should be omitted. The items with single item is not allowed. The items field without type is meaningless, so is prohibited too.

The "suffix" that contained in items is a substring of metric name (part between the last pair of the colons of metric full name) starting from last dot to the end or the whole metric name if no dot exists in metric name.

Only one extension line starting with :collectd: is allowed. (Only first such line is parsed by collectd plugin)


This document has been placed in the public domain.

For the legal description of the statement above see: