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Tiny utility to trigger animations on scroll.
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Tiny utility to trigger animations on scroll. 800 bytes gzipped.


npm i mela --save


mela works by applying an is-visible class to an element when it enters the viewport.


It's configured using an attribute in your markup. For each element you wish to animate, define data-animate and pass it the values you would like to use:

<h1 data-animate='slide-up fast ease delay'>I will slide in!</h1>


Use CSS attribute selectors to define those transition values:

[data-animate] {
  transition-duration: 200ms;
  transition-timing-function: ease-in-out;

[data-animate*="fast"] {
  transition-duration: 200ms;

[data-animate*="ease"] {
  transition-timing-function: ease-in-out;

[data-animate*="delay"] {
  transition-delay: 200ms;

[data-animate*='slide-up'] {
  opacity: 0;
  transform: translateY(20px);
  transition-property: opacity, transform;

  &.is-visible {
    opacity: 1;
    transform: translateY(0);


Create an instance:

import mela from 'mela'

const animations = mela()

Then call that instance to bind elements and check position:


When the DOM changes, like after a page load, you'll need to rebind. Simply call the instance again:



By default mela only animates in once. To repeat the animation each time the element enters the viewport, pass reset to your data-animate attribute:

<h1 data-animate='slide-up fast ease delay reset'>I will slide in every time!</h1>

mela users vsbl internally, so to adjust how soon/late the animation occurs, use data-threshold:

<h1 data-animate='slide-up fast ease delay reset' data-threshold='0.25'>I will slide in every time!</h1>

If you want to apply a threshold value to all animations, or ensure all animations reset, you can pass these options to the constructor:

const animations = mela({
  threshold: 0.25,
  reset: true

Finally, if you'd rather use something other than data-animate:

const animations = mela({
  attribute: 'data-anim'


MIT License © Eric Bailey

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