Search Web Part built with the SharePoint Framework. It makes use of React and Flux.
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Search Web Part built with the SharePoint Framework, React and Flux.

In the properties pane you can specify the query and template you want to use.

All "Internal" templates need to be created in the src/webparts/searchSpfx/templates folder. Start with a copy of one of the existing ones. The Managed Properties you want to use need to be specified in the TemplateLoader.ts file and should be provided in the following format:

{ key: 'DefaultTemplate', text: 'Default template', mappings: 'Path,Title' }

Since version 0.0.2 you have the ability to make use of "external" templates. These templates are JS files which you load from an URL. If you want to test out this functionality, navigate to the external_templates folder and upload one of these files to your SharePoint environment. Once uploaded, copy the URL of the file and specify it in the external URL settings property.

There is a sample project which you can use to create your own external templates. You can find it here: Search WP SPFx Template Generator.

Search web part sample



  • Updated to support RC0 of #SPFx


  • Updated to drop 5 of #SPFx


  • Bug fix in token helper
  • Updated to drop 3 of #SPFx


  • Added the following tokens that you can use for your queries: {Today}, {Today+Number}, {Today-Number}, {CurrentDisplayLanguage}, {User}, {User.Name}, {User.Email}.


  • Added a new logging field to the property pane. Every time you apply a new configuration to your web part, the logging pane shows the search API URL which has been called and the response.

Search logging pane

The code of this logging field can be found on the following repo: custom fields for SPFx


  • Changed the way of loading scripts defined in external templates
  • Added a carousel sample template which makes use of jQuery and Cycle2. Template can be found in the external_templates folder.


  • Added the functionality to define scripts and stylesheets to load from an external template. You can find a sample template in the external_templates folder.


  • Added the ability to use external templates. You can find an example template in the external_templates folder
  • Added token handling for the query. Currenlty it supports {Site} -> current site URL and {SiteCollection} -> site collection URL.


  • Initial upload

Using this web part

Info: This web part can only be tested on a developer site at the moment. Currently there is no mock store created.

Follow the next steps to test this web part:

  • Clone this repo
  • Open your command prompt and navigate to the folder
  • Run: $ npm install
  • Run: $ gulp serve
  • Open your workbench on you Office 365 Developer site
  • Add the web part and test it out

Info: here you can find more information about setting up your develop tenant: Setup SharePoint Developer Tenant.