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Front Matter is a CMS running straight in Visual Studio Code. Can be used with static site generators like Hugo, Jekyll, Hexo, NextJs, Gatsby, and many more...


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Front Matter a CMS running straight in Visual Studio Code

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❓ What is Front Matter?

Front Matter is a CMS that runs within Visual Studio Code. It gives you the power and control of a full-blown CMS while also providing you the flexibility and speed of the static site generator of your choice. Jump right into editing and creating content with Front Matter and be able to preview it straight in VS Code.

The extension supports various static-site generators and frameworks like Hugo, Jekyll, Hexo, NextJs, Gatsby, and more.

A couple of our extension highlights that hopefully get you interested in giving Front Matter a try:

  • Content, data, and media management
    • Search, filter, sort, etc. all your content
    • Create new content
    • Supporting tools to edit content and media
  • Preview your site/content straight in Visual Studio Code
  • SEO checks for title, description, and keywords
  • Extensibility
    • As we know, we cannot support all use cases. We provide a way to extend the functionality of the extension to your needs
  • and many more features ...

Missing something? Let us know by opening an issue on the GitHub repository

Site preview

If you see something missing in your article creation flow, please feel free to reach out.

Version 10

In version 10, we introduced the new i18n/multilingual support for your content. You can now manage your content in multiple languages, more information can be found in the multilingual section of our documentation.

Multilingual support

Version 9

The extension is now available in multiple languages: English, German, and Japanese. Want to add your language? Check out the localization the extension.

Version 8

The taxonomy dashboard got introduced on which you can manage your tags, categories, and custom taxonomy.

Taxonomy dashboard

Version 7

Snippets support for Front Matter has been added!

Snippets dashboard

Version 6

In this version, we introduced the new data files/folders dashboard. You can find more information about the release in our v6.0.0 release notes.

Data dashboard

Data files/folders are pieces of content that do not belong to any markdown content, but live on their own. Most of the time, these data files are used to store additional information about your project/blog/website that will be used to render the content.

Version 5

The new media dashboard redesign got introduced + support for setting metadata on media files v5.0.0 release notes.

Data dashboard

Version 4

Support for Team level settings, content-types, and image support. Get to know more at: v4.0.0 release notes.

Version 3

In version v3 we introduced the welcome and dashboard webview. The welcome view allows to get you started using the extension, and the dashboard allows you to manage all your markdown pages in one place. This makes it easy to search, filter, sort, and more.

Version 2

In version v2 we released the re-designed sidebar panel with improved SEO support. This extension makes it the only extension to manage your Markdown pages for your static sites in Visual Studio Code.

Front Matter - Managing your static sites straight from within VS Code | Product Hunt

⚙️ Installation

You can get the extension via:

Info: The docs can be found on

🧪 Beta version

If you have the courage to test out the beta features, we made available a beta version as well. You can install this via:

Info: The BETA docs can be found on

📖 Documentation

All documentation can be found on

Documentation repository: GitHub - Front Matter DOCs

💪 Contributing

Pull requests are welcome. Please open an issue first to discuss what you would like to change, or which problem you would like to fix. This makes it easier for us to follow-up and plan for future releases.

You can always help us improve the extension in varous ways like:

  • Testing out the extension and providing feedback
  • Reporting issues and bugs
  • Suggesting new features
  • Fixing an issue
  • Updating documentation
  • UI improvements
  • Tutorials
  • etc.

Eager to start contributing? Great 🤩, you can contribute to the following projects:

👀 Show the work you are using Front Matter

Are you using Front Matter and are you interested in showing for which websites you use it? You can show your work by opening a showcase issue.

You can open showcase issues for the following things:

  • Show the website for which you use Front Matter;
  • Share an article/video/webcast/... that explains how you use Front Matter;
  • Got something else to share? Open an issue and we can see where it fits on our website.

👉 Contributors 🤘

Front Matter contributors

🖤 Backers & Sponsors 👇 🤘

Front Matter sponsors - Event Management Platform

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Supported by the BEJS Community

📊 Telemetry

The Front Matter CMS extension collects telemetry data to help us build a better understand which features from the CMS are used. The extension respects the telemetry.enableTelemetry setting which you can learn more about in the Visual Studio Code FAQ, or you can only disable it for the extension by configuring the frontMatter.telemetry.disable setting.

We only collect the following data:

  • Type of event
  • Extension title (main or beta)
  • Extension version

No user-specific data is collected, you can check the telemetry implementation in the following files:

For crash reports in the webviews, we make use of Sentry to help us understand what went wrong. This data is only used to fix issues and improve the extension. You can find more information about the Sentry implementation in the following files:

The user ip address is not collected.

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