Xcode 8 Source Editor Extension to quickly wrap strings into NSLocalizedString()
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Localizer is a pretty simple and naive string localizer Xcode Source Editor Extension.

It was developed more like a learning exercise rather that to be used in the real world.

What does it do?

It expects a selection (e.g. you can't call the command unless you selected some text).

It then breaks apart any String declarations it founds by splitting the selection based off " and then wrap the resulting String inside NSLocalizedString.


let _ = "This is a string"

If we select the above line (or only the string including the ") and run Localizer we'll get the following output:

let _ = NSLocalizedString("This is a string", comment: "This is a string")


  • Add an option to «localize» a whole document
  • Make it smart enough to detect Strings already wrapped in NSLocalizedString and avoid touching them
  • Improve the String detection (tried with RegularExpression but it did not work, most likely my fault and a lack of regular-expression-fu).


Esteban Torres


Localizer is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.