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@jgraettinger jgraettinger released this 31 May 18:58
· 10 commits to master since this release

What's Changed

  • sum annotation now supports arbitrary precision using string-encoded numerics
  • Add experimental flowctl raw stats sub-command
  • Various minor JSON Schema handling improvements.
  • Switch to simd-json for fast JSON parsing and transcoding.

Filtered PRs impacting flowctl:

  • crates/json: don't validate strings with underscores as integers or numbers by @williamhbaker in #1364
  • Update runtime::container::start() to take a new allow_local flag by @jshearer in #1361
  • json: fix ordering of integers greater than i64::MAX by @psFried in #1367
  • validation: fix bucket name validation for GCS and Azure by @psFried in #1370
  • thread through --allow-local argument when running locally by @psFried in #1374
  • validation: allow unsatisfiable constraints on excluded fields by @psFried in #1375
  • update a number of dependencies, including RocksDB (to 8.10) by @jgraettinger in #1389
  • connector-init: set connector_type on protocol check Spec by @jgraettinger in #1400
  • models/journals: region configuration for S3 storage mappings by @williamhbaker in #1410
  • improve schema validation errors by including metadata about the collection that failed by @jgraettinger in #1408
  • flowctl: resurrect stats subcommand under raw by @psFried in #1432
  • make: codesign binaries on mac by @mdibaiee in #1436
  • simd-doc, gazette, avro, and dekaf crates by @jgraettinger in #1448
  • flowctl(preview): multiple bindings may read from one collection by @mdibaiee in #1466
  • crates/doc: support arbitrary precision with sum annotation by @jgraettinger in #1477
  • crates/doc: relax sum inspection to allow numeric strings by @jgraettinger in #1481

Full Changelog: v0.3.12...v0.3.13