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WARNING: This plugin is not mantained anymore.

This yourls plugin logs to a file every url insertion, deletion, or modification. So that, it provides traceability of users' actions allowing an open edition policy.


  • Download and extract this zip.

  • Create a new folder in user/plugins named edition-logger.

  • Upload contents of unzipped folder to edition-logger folder.

  • Download and extract zip for KLogger.

  • Create a new folder named klogger in edition-logger folder.

  • Upload contents of unzipped folder to klogger folder.

  • Open user/config.php to edit.

  • Add the following to the end of the file:

    /** Set location of klogger code **/
    define( 'EDITIONLOGGER_KLOGGER_PATH', 'klogger' );
    /** Set location of logs folder **/
    define( 'EDITIONLOGGER_LOGFILE', '../logs' ); //this will create a new folder called logs in the root directory

For more information, follow me at