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To make changes to esy and test them locally:

git clone git://
cd esy
make bootstrap



to see the description of development workflow.

Testing Locally

make build-release
npm remove -g esy
npm install -g _release

Now you may run esy commands using your local version of esy.

You don't have to install local version of esy globally if you're in the middle of developing something. Just running PATH_TO_ESY/bin/esy will work, too.

Running Tests

Run all test suites:

make test


Issues are tracked at esy/esy.

Publishing Releases

On a clean branch off of origin/master, run:

make bump-patch-version publish

to bump the patch version, tag the release in git repository and publish the tarball on npm.

To publish under custom release tag:

make RELEASE_TAG=next bump-patch-version publish

Release tag next is used to publish preview releases.