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Skin and customization for the French opendata portal based on udata.
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uData customizations for Etalab /

Note: This is a uData extension, you should read the uData documentation first.


udata-gouvfr requires Python 2.7+ and uData.


Install uData.

Remain in the same Python virtual environment and install udata-gouvfr:

pip install udata-gouvfr

Create a local configuration file udata.cfg in your udata directory (or where your UDATA_SETTINGS point out) or modify an existing one as following:

PLUGINS = ['gouvfr']
THEME = 'gouvfr'


Prepare a udata development environment.

It is recommended to have a workspace with the following layout:

├── fs
├── udata
│   ├── ...
│   └──
├── udata-gouvfr
│   ├── ...
│   └──
└── udata.cfg

The following steps use the same Python virtual environment and the same version of npm (for JS) as udata.

Clone the udata-gouvfr repository into your workspace and install it in development mode:

git clone
pip install -e udata-gouvfr

Modify your local udata.cfg configuration file as following:

PLUGINS = ['gouvfr']
THEME = 'gouvfr'

You can execute udata-gouvfr specific tasks from the udata-gouvfr directory.

ex: Build the assets:

cd udata-gouvfr
npm install
inv assets-build

You can list available development commands with:

inv -l
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