This game or rather a prototype is a 2d dungeon crawler where the player can change the layout of the dungeons
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This is the game that I created using Flash. Although I a calling this a game it is mearly a prototype, but it shows the idea/mechanic of the game. Because it is a prototype and I ran out of time there are no sounds in the game and there are bugs. If you are going to look at the code note that it is ugly!

One thing to remember: The zombies may spawn very close to your spawn so you have to be quick to move away/shoot or you will die very quickly.

The Idea

The idea for the premise is pretty simple: You are an adventurer that went into a mysterious cave(level) and got the power to alter its structure. Each time you alter something you will luse "energy", which you can replenish by finding "energy" bottles or killing zombies who may drop a bottle.

I may have gone in a rather abstract way to incorporate the themes. I wanted to incorporate the procedure of cloning/branching/pushing/pulling repositories with git. The strucure is the following: level - higher level folder that holds projects project/repository - a dungeon in that level

So in essence when you go to the overhead view you look at the current repository in there you can alter the dungeon layout, add items/monsters, change exit location... Or you can zoom out to view the whole level structure and change it's layout: change the order in which you visit the dungeons. Additionally you can alter any of the other dungeons by selecting them. And when you exit the overhead view you "save/push" the changes you have made.

TLDR: -> You sync with the main project folder on the server -> you pull the current repository -> A - You alter it
B - You alter a different project C - You alter the order of projects

-> You push the changes to the "server" -> "Bug fix"/go through the level :) -> Go back to one

Hopefully I didn't miss the mark completely.


Used tools / graphics

Programmed in AS3 using FlashDevelop as the IDE. Used Flashpunk as the engine.

The menus and ingame gui graphics and level structures (wall, floor) were created by me.

The character and zombie were taken from LordShade. Character name: Erick.

The item(ammo,health,energy, zombie-mini-face) images were taken from opengameart: 141-military-icons-set.


Excuses/Future ideas :)

So this is a prototype and alot of features, that I thought of, weren't implemented because of time constraint (the project was done in about a week / week and a half). One feature that I initially wanted was for the player to take back his alterations: Something like go back to a previous commit. This could be done before you left the overhead view, although you could probably do it anytime (Would be interesting to see that).

Also I wanted the player to rely more on his "gift" rather than his gun in killing enemies. Either you would use a power to delete the monster (not implemented) or you could crush them with a wall. So depending on the death you would receive different loot.

Also I wanted the dungeons to be progressivly harder. As the player clears the dungeons he would get stronger so by the time you reach the final dungeon you can more easily clear it. Or if you were brave you could make the hardest dungeon your next one and gain heaps of exp/money if you clear it.

Also missing are boss rooms or rooms of anykind.

And much much more. (Realtime alteration / rather than now where you stop the time)

The mechanic/idea could be cool if implemented correctly, but it could also become repetetive: always dungeons, what is the end goal?

Anyways if you got this far

Enjoy the game. Thank you for playing