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Code for collecting data with the Low-cost Benthic Sensing Trap-Attached System (LoBSTAS)


Intall picamera library (

Install neopixel library if you are using the LED ring (

To enable on boot, add the following lines to /etc/rc.local before exit 0

exec 2>> /home/pi/bootlog.log       # add stderr from rc.local to a log file
exec 1>&2                           # add stdout to same file
sudo python /home/pi/ &   # ensure file path is correct

exit 0

Sensor calibration and setup

This is for the Atlas Scientific Dissolved Oxygen sensor.

If the sensor is not a steady blue, it needs to be set to i2c mode:

  1. Disconnect all wires
  2. Connect PGND to TX
  3. Connect VCC and ground to board, and wait for LED to turn blue
  4. Disconnect power and reconnect all wires

To calibrate to atmospheric concentration:

from getdata import dosensor