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EchaloASuerte / ChooseRandom

Echaloasuerte/ChooseRandom is a simple website that allows people to take decisions base on random factors.

It gives you random numbers, chose an random element from a list, flip a coin to the air, etc... and one of the nicest features is that several people can see the result at the same time, which make the site great to perform draws with people that are not physically together.

This version is a rewrite of the old site.


The dev version is on continuous deployment, all changes in master are automatically deployed to dev


  • Root domain for the spanish version
  • Root domain for the english version
  • prod.*: latest version deployed to the prod server
  • dev.*: latest version deployed to the dev server

All domains can be accessed through http and https and are served through cloudflare.

CI builds

  • Travis (CI & CD): Travis Master

Pull Requests targeting master branch will trigger the CI with Travis. Once the PR is merged, Travis will be triggered again, but this time it will execute the CD part of the script.

Warning: PR's created from branches in etcaterva/EchaloASuerte will trigger also the CD.


How to create a new draw

  • Define a bom within server/bom and add it to the init
  • Define a form within server/forms and add it to the init
  • Add the draw snippet in web/templates/snippets/draws
  • Add the callback to render the results dynamically in draw_manager.js
  • Register the draw, form and snippet within the draw factory (server/draw_factory)
  • Get an icon for it into static/img/draw_icons
  • Add the draw to the index menu (web/template/index.html)
  • if you need extra js, add a file and include it in the new and display templates
  • Add unit and functional tests