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# The official list of maintainers and reviewers for the project maintenance.
# Refer to the for description of the roles.
# Names should be added to this file like so:
# Individual's name <submission email address> (@GITHUB_HANDLE) pkg:*
# Individual's name <submission email address> <email2> <emailN> (@GITHUB_HANDLE) pkg:*
# Please keep the list sorted.
Brandon Philips <> (@philips) pkg:*
Gyuho Lee <> <> (@gyuho) pkg:*
Hitoshi Mitake <> (@mitake) pkg:*
Jingyi Hu <> (@jingyih) pkg:*
Joe Betz <> (@jpbetz) pkg:*
Sahdev Zala <> (@spzala) pkg:*
Sam Batschelet <> (@hexfusion) pkg:*
Xiang Li <> (@xiang90) pkg:*
Ben Darnell <> (@bdarnell)
Tobias Grieger <> (@tbg)
Wenjia Zhang <> (@wenjiaswe) pkg:*
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