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Find file Copy path
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syntax = "proto3";
package mvccpb;
import "gogoproto/gogo.proto";
option (gogoproto.marshaler_all) = true;
option (gogoproto.sizer_all) = true;
option (gogoproto.unmarshaler_all) = true;
option (gogoproto.goproto_getters_all) = false;
option (gogoproto.goproto_enum_prefix_all) = false;
message KeyValue {
// key is the key in bytes. An empty key is not allowed.
bytes key = 1;
// create_revision is the revision of last creation on this key.
int64 create_revision = 2;
// mod_revision is the revision of last modification on this key.
int64 mod_revision = 3;
// version is the version of the key. A deletion resets
// the version to zero and any modification of the key
// increases its version.
int64 version = 4;
// value is the value held by the key, in bytes.
bytes value = 5;
// lease is the ID of the lease that attached to key.
// When the attached lease expires, the key will be deleted.
// If lease is 0, then no lease is attached to the key.
int64 lease = 6;
message Event {
enum EventType {
PUT = 0;
// type is the kind of event. If type is a PUT, it indicates
// new data has been stored to the key. If type is a DELETE,
// it indicates the key was deleted.
EventType type = 1;
// kv holds the KeyValue for the event.
// A PUT event contains current kv pair.
// A PUT event with kv.Version=1 indicates the creation of a key.
// A DELETE/EXPIRE event contains the deleted key with
// its modification revision set to the revision of deletion.
KeyValue kv = 2;
// prev_kv holds the key-value pair before the event happens.
KeyValue prev_kv = 3;
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