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Configuration page rework: remove duplication, make easier to maintai…
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…n, add missing flag (#491)

* Configuration page rework
* Break flags into sections
* Adjust anchors
* Add Caution keyword
* Tweak description
* Add note about changelog containing details
* Update flag description indentation

Co-authored-by: Nate W. <>
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chalin and nate-double-u committed Oct 26, 2021
1 parent 4398b0f commit 29c0731
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Showing 4 changed files with 280 additions and 475 deletions.
4 changes: 2 additions & 2 deletions content/en/docs/v3.5/op-guide/
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Expand Up @@ -487,8 +487,8 @@ When the `--proxy` flag is set, etcd runs in [proxy mode][proxy]. This proxy mod
To setup an etcd cluster with proxies of v2 API, please read the the [clustering doc in etcd 2.3 release][clustering_etcd2].

[conf-adv-client]: ../configuration/#--advertise-client-urls
[conf-listen-client]: ../configuration/#--listen-client-urls
[conf-adv-client]: ../configuration/#clustering
[conf-listen-client]: ../configuration/#member
[discovery-proto]: ../../dev-internal/discovery_protocol/
[gateway]: ../gateway/
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