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Phabulous is a Slack bot for Phabricator.

Node.js version: The Javascript version of this project has been replaced with a rewrite from scratch in Go. The code for the Javascript version is available at the legacy branch, but it won't be actively maintained.

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  • Post URLs to revisions and tasks right from Slack.
  • Summon (mention) reviewers of a revision.
  • Route specific events (Tasks, Revisions, Commits) into specific channels.
  • Push all feed events into a single channel (This may flood a channel if your organization is big enough).
  • Pretty icons ;)


Compiling from source

To compile Phabulous, you need a recent version of Go (>= 1.9) and dep:

go get

// or, for cross-compiling:

go get
git clone
cd phabulous