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🧱A specification of JSON-RPC methods that an EVM-based blockchain client must implement.
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Both Ethereum client developers and downstream dapp developers lack a formal Ethereum RPC specification. This proposal attempts to standardize such a specification in a way that's versionable, human-readable and machine-readable. It will improve the accuracy of documentation, API, and clients.

Ethereum clients can expose RPC endpoints with differing method signatures; this forces applications to work around method inconsistencies to maintain compatibility with various Ethereum RPC implementations.

Much of Ethereums effectiveness as an enterprise-grade application platform depends on its ability to provide a reliable and predictable developer experience.


You can view the specification in documentation form here or the raw OpenRPC Document here.


The clients are generated from the OpenRPC Document openrpc.json in this repository, and can be used as an alternative to web3.js or ethers.js but for various languages:


npm install @etclabscore/ethereum-json-rpc --save


Add this to your Cargo.toml:

ethereum-json-rpc = "0.0.0-development"


View the Documentation.


Proposals to make method changes should be made as an issue.

How to contribute, build and release are outlined in, and respectively. Commits in this repository follow the specification.


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