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Official repo of the EVM LLVM project
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Latest commit cc65868 Aug 24, 2019
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benchmarks Pull google/benchmark library to the LLVM tree Aug 28, 2018
bindings Bump llvm-go to C++14 Aug 15, 2019
cmake [cmake] install_symlink should obey DESTDIR unconditionally Aug 15, 2019
docs Add LLVMLibC proposal to docs/index.rst. Aug 15, 2019
examples [llvm] Migrate llvm::make_unique to std::make_unique Aug 15, 2019
include Fix numbering. Aug 15, 2019
lib Adding i256 machine value type support. Aug 15, 2019
projects [libc++] Take 2: Integrate the PSTL into libc++ Aug 5, 2019
resources In MSVC builds embed a VERSIONINFO resource in our exe and DLL files. Jun 12, 2015
runtimes Setup testing target dependencies for default runtimes Jun 11, 2019
test [ValueTracking] Look through ptrmask intrinsics during getUnderlyingO… Aug 15, 2019
tools [llvm] Migrate llvm::make_unique to std::make_unique Aug 15, 2019
unittests Revert "MemoryBuffer: Add a missing error-check to getOpenFileImpl" Aug 15, 2019
utils Adding i256 machine value type support. Aug 15, 2019
.arcconfig [llvm] Set up .arcconfig to point to Diffusion L repository Jan 12, 2018
.clang-format Test commit. Mar 2, 2014
.clang-tidy Disable tidy checks with too many hits Feb 1, 2019
.gitattributes [DebugInfo] Add DILabel metadata and intrinsic llvm.dbg.label. May 9, 2018
.gitignore gitignore: Ignore Qt Creator project configuration files. NFC Jun 12, 2019
CMakeLists.txt Add support in CMake to statically link the C++ standard library. Aug 14, 2019
CODE_OWNERS.TXT Update email address in CODE_OWNERS Jul 1, 2019
CREDITS.TXT Update email address. Jul 17, 2019
LICENSE.TXT Fix typos throughout the license files that somehow I and my reviewers Jan 21, 2019
LLVMBuild.txt Update the file headers across all of the LLVM projects in the monorepo Jan 19, 2019 Adding a welcome page. Aug 25, 2019
RELEASE_TESTERS.TXT Update the list of platforms & archs Dec 16, 2018
configure Remove autoconf support Jan 26, 2016 Update structured references to the license to the new license. Jan 19, 2019


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