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Jade Service Runner - A JSON-RPC Service Manager

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Jade Service Runner

An awesome JSON-RPC service manager!
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Table of Contents

About The Project

Service Runner is an opinionated JSON-RPC service manager, that provides daemonization, installation, and discovery for JSON-RPC based services.

Service Runner helps developers gain access to a user's locally run services. It provides users with a management and installation tool, that allows developers to discover services and reliably request access to those services.

Better dApp Development

Service Runner improves the dApp development cycle, by reducing the number of steps required for running services that are local to the user, in addition to associated with relying on locally running JSON-RPC services. To do this effectively, Jade Service Runner supports the following:

  • Allows dApp developers to specify what services they'd like to use
  • Provides defaults for the services to run
  • Provides users with an easy installation path
  • Provides reliable discovery of pre-existing services run by the service runner
  • Provides OpenRPC interface to the Service Runner functionality, as well as the underlying services
  • Allows dApp developers the ability to retrieve reliable JSON-RPC connection information from the service
  • Provides typed interfaces to develop applications against

Supported Services

Currently it supports core-geth with the following environments:

  • mainnet (ETC)
  • kotti
  • ethereum
  • goerli
  • rinkeby

Getting Started


  • node v12.10.0 or greater.
  • npm v6.10.3 or greater.


Install via npm package

npm install -g @etclabscore/jade-service-runner

Install the JavaScript client:

npm install @etclabscore/jade-service-runner-client

Then require it into any module.

const { ServiceRunner } = require("@etclabscore/jade-service-runner-client");
const ERPC = require("@etclabscore/ethereum-json-rpc");
const serviceRunner = new ServiceRunner({ transport: { type: "http", port: 8002, host: "localhost" } });
const serviceName = "core-geth";
const successful = await serviceRunner.installService(serviceName, "1.11.2");
if (successful === false) throw new Error("Service not installed")
const serviceConfig = serviceRunner.start(serviceName, "1.11.2", "kotti");
const erpc = new ERPC(serviceConfig);

To run the jade-service-runner:



JSON-RPC API Documentation

You can view the API documentation here.

Extending services

You can extend jade-service-runner with your own configuration via the command line interface

jade-service-runner -c extended-jade-service-runner-config.json


See the open issues for a list of proposed features (and known issues).


How to contribute, build and release are outlined in, and respectively. Commits in this repository follow the specification.


Apache License 2.0