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Features, usage and installation instructions are summarized on the homepage.

Fork aims:

  • Make homebrew modular;
  • (done) Extract formulas to own repository. This idea was declined a couple of times mxcl/homebrew#3991, mxcl/homebrew#236. Keeping formulas in the core makes homebrew a little bit harder to maintain and contribute;
  • (done) Introduce homebrew selfupdate and homebrew repoupdate commands which update core and repos separately (homebrew update still updates both);
  • (done) Extract 'Contributions' to 'homebrew-contrib' repo. 'Contributions' is now available through the brew install homebrew-contrib;
  • Get rid of everything in Object approach.
  • (In progress) Improve tests. You need to install rspec to run new tests;
  • (mostly done) 3rd party formulas repos support;
  • (partially done) Use rugged (or another ruby-git library) (I decided to just extract git-related code to Utils::Git module);
  • Improve core documentation;
  • Be helpful. Make usual (and useful) help output. Like brew install -h;
  • (done) Fix ccache support;
  • (done) Respect user choice and don't override ENV variables, such as (CC, CXX, MAKEFLAGS, CFLAGS and other)

Current progress

How to install

$ git clone $HOME/homebrew
$ export PATH=$PATH:$HOME/homebrew/bin
$ brew formulary init

What Packages Are Available?

  1. You can browse the Formulary repository on GitHub.
  2. Or type brew search for a list.
  3. Or visit to browse packages online.

More Documentation

brew help or man brew or check our wiki.

Who Are You?

I'm Max Howell and I'm a splendid chap.