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#!/usr/bin/env python
Fixes a MySQL dump made with the right format so it can be directly
imported to a new PostgreSQL database.
Dump using:
mysqldump --compatible=postgresql --default-character-set=utf8 -r databasename.mysql -u root databasename
import re
import sys
import os
import time
import subprocess
def parse(input_filename, output_filename):
"Feed it a file, and it'll output a fixed one"
# State storage
if input_filename == "-":
num_lines = -1
num_lines = int(subprocess.check_output(["wc", "-l", input_filename]).strip().split()[0])
tables = {}
current_table = None
creation_lines = []
enum_types = []
foreign_key_lines = []
fulltext_key_lines = []
sequence_lines = []
cast_lines = []
num_inserts = 0
started = time.time()
# Open output file and write header. Logging file handle will be stdout
# unless we're writing output to stdout, in which case NO PROGRESS FOR YOU.
if output_filename == "-":
output = sys.stdout
logging = open(os.devnull, "w")
output = open(output_filename, "w")
logging = sys.stdout
if input_filename == "-":
input_fh = sys.stdin
input_fh = open(input_filename)
output.write("-- Converted by db_converter\n")
output.write("START TRANSACTION;\n")
output.write("SET standard_conforming_strings=off;\n")
output.write("SET escape_string_warning=off;\n")
for i, line in enumerate(input_fh):
time_taken = time.time() - started
percentage_done = (i+1) / float(num_lines)
secs_left = (time_taken / percentage_done) - time_taken
logging.write("\rLine %i (of %s: %.2f%%) [%s tables] [%s inserts] [ETA: %i min %i sec]" % (
i + 1,
secs_left // 60,
secs_left % 60,
line = line.decode("utf8").strip().replace(r"\\", "WUBWUBREALSLASHWUB").replace(r"\'", "''").replace("WUBWUBREALSLASHWUB", r"\\")
# Ignore comment lines
if line.startswith("--") or line.startswith("/*") or line.startswith("LOCK TABLES") or line.startswith("DROP TABLE") or line.startswith("UNLOCK TABLES") or not line:
# Outside of anything handling
if current_table is None:
# Start of a table creation statement?
if line.startswith("CREATE TABLE"):
current_table = line.split('"')[1]
tables[current_table] = {"columns": []}
creation_lines = []
# Inserting data into a table?
elif line.startswith("INSERT INTO"):
output.write(line.encode("utf8").replace("'0000-00-00 00:00:00'", "NULL") + "\n")
num_inserts += 1
# ???
print "\n ! Unknown line in main body: %s" % line
# Inside-create-statement handling
# Is it a column?
if line.startswith('"'):
useless, name, definition = line.strip(",").split('"',2)
type, extra = definition.strip().split(" ", 1)
# This must be a tricky enum
if ')' in extra:
type, extra = definition.strip().split(")")
except ValueError:
type = definition.strip()
extra = ""
extra = re.sub("CHARACTER SET [\w\d]+\s*", "", extra.replace("unsigned", ""))
extra = re.sub("COLLATE [\w\d]+\s*", "", extra.replace("unsigned", ""))
# See if it needs type conversion
final_type = None
set_sequence = None
if type == "tinyint(1)":
type = "int4"
set_sequence = True
final_type = "boolean"
elif type.startswith("int("):
type = "integer"
set_sequence = True
elif type.startswith("bigint("):
type = "bigint"
set_sequence = True
elif type == "longtext":
type = "text"
elif type == "mediumtext":
type = "text"
elif type == "tinytext":
type = "text"
elif type.startswith("varchar("):
size = int(type.split("(")[1].rstrip(")"))
type = "varchar(%s)" % (size)
elif type.startswith("smallint("):
type = "int2"
set_sequence = True
elif type == "datetime":
type = "timestamp with time zone"
elif type == "double":
type = "double precision"
elif type == "blob":
type = "bytea"
elif type.startswith("enum(") or type.startswith("set("):
types_str = type.split("(")[1].rstrip(")").rstrip('"')
types_arr = [type_str.strip('\'') for type_str in types_str.split(",")]
# Considered using values to make a name, but its dodgy
# enum_name = '_'.join(types_arr)
enum_name = "{0}_{1}".format(current_table, name)
if enum_name not in enum_types:
output.write("CREATE TYPE {0} AS ENUM ({1}); \n".format(enum_name, types_str));
type = enum_name
if final_type:
cast_lines.append("ALTER TABLE \"%s\" ALTER COLUMN \"%s\" DROP DEFAULT, ALTER COLUMN \"%s\" TYPE %s USING CAST(\"%s\" as %s)" % (current_table, name, name, final_type, name, final_type))
# ID fields need sequences [if they are integers?]
if name == "id" and set_sequence is True:
sequence_lines.append("CREATE SEQUENCE %s_id_seq" % (current_table))
sequence_lines.append("SELECT setval('%s_id_seq', max(id)) FROM %s" % (current_table, current_table))
sequence_lines.append("ALTER TABLE \"%s\" ALTER COLUMN \"id\" SET DEFAULT nextval('%s_id_seq')" % (current_table, current_table))
# Record it
creation_lines.append('"%s" %s %s' % (name, type, extra))
tables[current_table]['columns'].append((name, type, extra))
# Is it a constraint or something?
elif line.startswith("PRIMARY KEY"):
elif line.startswith("CONSTRAINT"):
foreign_key_lines.append("ALTER TABLE \"%s\" ADD CONSTRAINT %s DEFERRABLE INITIALLY DEFERRED" % (current_table, line.split("CONSTRAINT")[1].strip().rstrip(",")))
foreign_key_lines.append("CREATE INDEX ON \"%s\" %s" % (current_table, line.split("FOREIGN KEY")[1].split("REFERENCES")[0].strip().rstrip(",")))
elif line.startswith("UNIQUE KEY"):
elif line.startswith("FULLTEXT KEY"):
fulltext_keys = " || ' ' || ".join( line.split('(')[-1].split(')')[0].replace('"', '').split(',') )
fulltext_key_lines.append("CREATE INDEX ON %s USING gin(to_tsvector('english', %s))" % (current_table, fulltext_keys))
elif line.startswith("KEY"):
# Is it the end of the table?
elif line == ");":
output.write("CREATE TABLE \"%s\" (\n" % current_table)
for i, line in enumerate(creation_lines):
output.write(" %s%s\n" % (line, "," if i != (len(creation_lines) - 1) else ""))
current_table = None
# ???
print "\n ! Unknown line inside table creation: %s" % line
# Finish file
output.write("\n-- Post-data save --\n")
output.write("START TRANSACTION;\n")
# Write typecasts out
output.write("\n-- Typecasts --\n")
for line in cast_lines:
output.write("%s;\n" % line)
# Write FK constraints out
output.write("\n-- Foreign keys --\n")
for line in foreign_key_lines:
output.write("%s;\n" % line)
# Write sequences out
output.write("\n-- Sequences --\n")
for line in sequence_lines:
output.write("%s;\n" % line)
# Write full-text indexkeyses out
output.write("\n-- Full Text keys --\n")
for line in fulltext_key_lines:
output.write("%s;\n" % line)
# Finish file
print ""
if __name__ == "__main__":
parse(sys.argv[1], sys.argv[2])