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Astrophysics utilities for python
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A python library for astronomy/astrophysics calculations and data analysis.

Web Page:

License: Apache License v2.0

Note that Astropysics is now in "maintainence mode" only. That is, further development is not expected, as my efforts have shifted to the Astropy project. It is a much larger effort that contains most of the functionality in Astropysics and much more. Astropysics will remain so that code written against it will continue to function, though, and I will continue to accept bug fixes as necessary.


If you have numpy ( and scipy ( installed, just do:

python install

On some linux distributions, this may need to be:

sudo python install


Documentation (in the "docs" directory) is meant to be used with sphinx ( Typical usage is:

python build_sphinx

to build html documentation and place it in docs/_build/html. Note that this requires Sphinx >=1.0

Source Distribution Directory Structure

  • astropysics/ - source code for all astropysics modules
  • docs/ - Sphinx documentation and example code
  • logo/ - astropysics logo in various forms
  • licenses/ - copyright/license notices for all open source code
  • scripts/ - command-line scripts installed with astropysics
  • tests/ - unit tests (for use with Nose) and algorithmic experiments (Note unit tests require networkx and pymodelfit to run).
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