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Tools for building collections of notebooks into web pages for public consumption
Python Jupyter Notebook Shell
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Tools for building collections of notebooks into web pages for public consumption.

There are two versions, outlined below. They use cookiecutter to build a notebook repository, but depend on shared python code in this package (which depends heavily on nbconvert). The cookiecutter templates that generate these repository are in separate branches in this repo named cookiecutter_*.


This is the simpler version, which uses a set of templates to generate an html site directly from the notebooks. To set up a repo for this version, do:

$ cookiecutter gh:eteq/nbpages --checkout cookiecutter_html

Once this has been created, the build step is simply:

$ python

Which should generate your html pages.


This version uses the same input notebook layout, but instead uses sphinx. That is, it converts the notebooks to RST, then runs sphinx to generate the web page. While this is more complex (and there is therefore more to go wrong), it allows intermixing of notebook pages and narrative text without needing to hand-write any HTML. It also provides all the sphinx indexing, code-documenting, and linking goodness for cases where that is desirable.

To set up a repo in this case, do:

$ cookiecutter gh:eteq/nbpages --checkout cookiecutter_sphinx

but then do the standard build as for a sphinx project:

$ make html

This should automatically do the notebook to RST conversion as a pre-step.

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