Category on NSImage to write NSImages to disk in other formats than TIFF
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ESSImageCategory.h/.m ReadMe

To use this, just add the two files to your project, and #import "ESSImageCategory.h" in your class where you'd like to use this.

License Agreement

1) You can use the code in your own products.
2) You can modify the code as you wish, and use the modified code in your products.
3) You can redistribute the original, unmodified code, but you have to include the full license text below.
4) You can redistribute the modified code as you wish (without the full license text below).
5) In all cases, you must include a credit mentioning Matthias Gansrigler as the original author of the source.
6) I’m not liable for anything you do with the code, no matter what. So be sensible.
7) You can’t use my name or other marks to promote your products based on the code.
8) If you agree to all of that, go ahead and download the source. Otherwise, don’t.