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UIWebViewZoomAndScroll ReadMe

What is UIWebViewZoomAndScroll?

This projects demonstrates how to get the zoom and scroll of a webpage in Mobile Safari and set that for a UIWebView in a Safari Action Extension so the user sees the same portion of the webpage in the action extension as in Safari.

For more information on this example project, please visit this post on my blog.

License Agreement

  1. You can use the code in your own products.

  2. You can modify the code as you wish, and use the modified code in your products.

  3. You can redistribute the original, unmodified code, but you have to include the full license text below.

  4. You can redistribute the modified code as you wish (without the full license text below).

  5. In all cases, you must include a credit mentioning Matthias Gansrigler as the original author of the source.

  6. I’m not liable for anything you do with the code, no matter what. So be sensible.

  7. You can’t use my name or other marks to promote your products based on the code.

  8. If you agree to all of that, go ahead and download the source. Otherwise, don’t.


This code was written on OS X Yosemite 10.10.2.

Tested with iOS 8.1 on Simulator (iPhone and iPad) and on iOS 8.1.3 on real devices


This code is provided as-is, but if you need help or have suggestions, you can contact me anytime at or @eternalstorms on twitter

For other Open Source projects of mine, please visit

I want to hear from you

If you use ESSVideoShare in one of your projects, please let me know! I'd love to hear about your apps and mention them here on this project page :) !!


an example of how to zoom and scroll a UIWebView in a Safari action extension to the same position as Safari's webview






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