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Andrew Rowls June 07, 2013
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Clicking the clear button now triggers the input's change and datepicker's changeDate events. Fixed a bug that broke the event-attached format function.


Fixes a bug when setting startDate or endDate during initialization.


New features:

  • Date range picker.
  • Data API / noConflict.
  • getDate and setDate methods.
  • format method for events; this allows you to easily format the date associated with the event.
  • New options:
    • beforeShowDay option: a dev-provided function that can enable/disable dates, add css classes, and add tooltips.
    • clearBtn, a button for resetting the picker.

Internal changes:

  • Cleaner and more reliable method for extracting options from all potential sources (defaults, locale overrides, data-attrs, and instantiation options, in that order). This also populates $.fn.datepicker.defaults with the default values, and uses this hash as the actual source of defaults, meaning you can globally change the default value for a given option.

Bugs squashed:

  • Resolved a conflict with bootstrap's native .switch class.
  • Fixed a bug with components where they would be stuck with a stale value when editing the value manually.
  • The date attributes on events are now local dates instead of internal UTC dates.
  • Separate Date objects for internal selected and view date references.
  • Clicking multiple times inside inputs no longer hides the picker.

Minor improvements:

  • Better text color for highlighted "today" date.
  • Last year in decade view now marked as "new" instead of "old".
  • Formats now properly handle trailing separators.

Locale changes:

  • Added Albanian, Estonian, and Macedonian
  • Added weekStart for Russian
  • Added weekStart and format for Finnish

Potentially backward-incompatible changes:

  • Options revamp:
    • This fixes bugs in the correlation of some data-attrs to their associated option names. If you use data-date-weekstart, data-date-startdate, or data-date-enddate, you should update these to data-date-week-start, data-date-start-date, or data-date-end-date, respectively.
    • All options for datepicker are now properties on the datepicker's o property; options are no longer stored on the Datepicker instance itself. If you have code that accesses options stored on the datepicker instance (eg, datepicker.format), you will need to update it to access those options via the o property (eg, datepicker.o.format). "Raw" options are available via the _o property.


Small optimizations release

  • Reduced the number of times update is called on initialization.
  • Datepicker now detaches the picker dropdown when it is hidden, and appends it when shown. This removes the picker from the DOM when it is not in use.
  • No longer listens to document/window events unless picker is visible.


  • Support for Bower
  • Component pickers are now aligned under the input, not the add-on element.
  • Japanese locale now has "today" and "format".
  • "remove" method removes .data().date if the datepicker is on a non-input.
  • Events on initialized elements are no longer blocked from bubbling up the DOM ( et al can now catch the events).
  • Component triggers now include .btn in addition to .add-on.
  • Updates to README contents.


Initial release:

  • format option
  • weekStart option
  • calendarWeeks option
  • startDate / endDate options
  • daysOfWeekDisabled option
  • autoclose option
  • startView / mnViewMode options
  • todayBtn / todayHighlight options
  • keyboardNavigation option
  • language option
  • forceParse option
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