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What it does?

  • speed up dynamic pages
  • reduce load on backend systems dozen times
  • increase application's resilience


  • Advanced HTTP response caching for dynamic pages.
  • Client type specific caching. Different cache behaviour for users and bots.
  • Background cache refresh.
  • Custom fallbacks when origin is unavailable or returns 5XX error.
  • Server-side includes. Frontcache resolves server-side includes what allows to cache parts of HTML page.
  • Asynchronous origin calls / Asynchronous includes.

How it works

Frontcache is written in Java and works

  • as Servlet filter for Java based websites
  • as standalone application what makes it friendly to websites written in any language

Frontcache Console

Frontcache has web based user friendly console to show real-time statistics and config parameters.


frontcache-core - core implementation, distribution for 'Servlet filter' mode.

frontcache-server - web wrapper for standalone web application (edge) mode.

frontcache-agent - library for cache invalidation from Web App side.

frontcache-console - UI for server/cluster configuration and realtime statistics.

frontcache-tests - integration tests.

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