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The EteSync Web App

Use EteSync from the browser!

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Note: This is still in an early stage, but it should be safe to use. It uses the battle tested sjcl javascript crypto library for encryption, so that should be fine too.

A live instance is available on:

Please be advised that while it's probably safe enough to use the hosted client in many cases, it's generally not preferable. It's recommended that you use signed releases which's signature you manually verify and are run locally!

More info is available on the FAQ.

Running your own

You can either self-host your own client to be served from your own server, or better yet, just run an instance locally.

First make sure you have yarn install.

Then clone this repository yarn, run yarn and wait until all of the deps are installed.

Then it's recommended you run yarn build to build a production ready client you should serve (even if run locally!) and then just serve the build directory from a web server. You could, for example, use the python built-in web server by running python3 -m http.server from the build directory.

Alternatively, you can run the debug server just to verify everything works, though be aware that the app will probably be quite slow. To do that, run yarn start.