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11-feb-2010 - 1.0.43
o Fixed tab settings not being saved. [ajpalkovic]
o Settings are now saved individually for each window. [ajpalkovic]
o Fixed scrolling for High Resolution mice. [ajpalkovic]
o Fixed the find and replace all bug. [ajpalkovic]
o Fixed some bugs that could cause crashes when redoing. [ajpalkovic]
o Fixed close on double-click in RedoDlg
o Fixed possible infinite loop when doing replace-all with regex.
o Fixed state being saved even though 'Keep state' was deselected.
o Fixed syntax highlighting bug that could cause crashes with php syntax.
o Fixed some cases where dead key (diacritics) didn't work.
o Updated bundles from ebundles.
o Many minor bugfixes.
24-nov-2009 - 1.0.41
o Fix: symbols in statusbar was out of sync
o Several improvements to CurrentTabs Popup. [adamv]
o If opening > 3 files w/ File>Open, show a progress box. [adamv]
o If only one completion is found, auto-complete it. [adamv]
o Allow scrolling of tabs with mouse wheel. [adamv]
o Enable restart of find-previous. [adamv]
o FS#374 - Fix 'select' EditorCtrl select context menu. [adamv]
o FS#181 - Column count in status bar now factors in tabs. [adamv]
o FS#15 - Show project-relative path in GotoFileDlg. [adamv]
o FS#383 - Fix F12 command window toggle breaks after Ctrl-R [adamv]
o FS#393 - Don't modify the selection if none exists. [adamv]
o Lots of minor bugfixes.
16-oct-2009 - 1.0.40
o Added Multi Window support.
o Fixed performance issue when working with documents
with long histories.
o Add 'open folder in explorer' context menu item to
BundlePane [adamv]
15-sep-2009 - 1.0.39
o Added folder compare.
o Fixed doc returning to disk state when reopening.
o Fixed possible buffer overrun in utf8 conversion .
o Fixed issue when reloading a deleted file .
o Remember between sessions if xulrunner is enabled.
o Improved xulrunner support in webpreview.
5-aug-2009 - 1.0.38
o When holding down shift and right-clicking the project
pane, it will show context menu with extended verbs [adamv]
o Updated regex engine to PCRE 7.9
o Added basic support for Mozilla based rendering in
web preview (needs XULRunner installed).
o Added dropdown history for compared files.
o Updated Bundle Manager to use the new (moved) macromate
o Path field in Tab Popup now extend to rest of dialog.
o Only show relative path in tab popup if file is actually
in project.
o Reinstated esc cancel snippet as completion can also be
triggered with Ctrl-Space.
o Added settings to disable atomic save.
o Added setting to make Ctrl-Tab go to last active tab.
o Fixed detection of creation of new files in projectpane.
o Lots of minor bugfixes and performance improvements.
24-july-2009 - 1.0.37a
o Returned to older build method for release build (had
been changed to make it easier to make relase builds
from the source release, but was a bit slower).
o Removed unneeded connection check that caused problems on
some systems.
22-july-2009 - 1.0.37
o Added support for Visual Diff (still experimental).
o When clicking in gutter to select full lines, always give
focus to editor. [adamv]
o Fix to show excluded files & dirs in project settings on
first display. [adamv]
o Fixed bracket pair regression. [adamv]
o Symbol pane shortcut moved to "Ctrl-Alt-L". [adamv]
o If the Symbol List is hidden, and you 'Go To Symbol',
it will now close after selecting a symbol. [adamv]
o Added menu command to Hide/Show HTML Command Output,
with a hotkey of F12. [adamv]
o Added undo to right-click menu. #3 [adamv]
o Remove 'esc cancels snippet' behavior, which isn't
present in TextMate and breaks the use of completions
within snippets. [adamv]
o Added 'Go to Tab..' popup (shortcut Ctrl-0) [adamv]
o Move 'go to last active tab' to a separate command, so
that control-(shift)-tab behave like Visual Studio. [adamv]
o Add #s in recent files/projects menus, for keyboard
access to first 9 items. #191 [adamv]
o Use 2nd row in search panel for options, instead of
a popup [adamv]
o Show # of replacements made when doing 'Replace All'
in the find panel. #39 [adamv]
26-june-2009 - 1.0.36
o You can now set app-wide env vars in settings [adamv]
o Added shortcut (Ctrl-H) to "Filter through command.."
#320 [adamv]
o Bring existing e window to front when run from command
line #336 [adamv]
o When editing themes, you can now Right-click colors to
copy-paste. [adamv]
o Added setting to toogle automatic update detection [adamv]
o Added option to disable atomic save (only from settings file).
2-june-2009 - 1.0.35
o Use selection as initial pattern for 'Find in Project'
o Clicking a match in 'Find in Project' now selects the
matching text.
o Antialiasing mode can now be set in theme editor.
o Fixed tabbing out of search field.
o Enable buttons when initiating search from selection.
o Mousewheel over search field now scrolls editor.
o Added support for native DragCommands #4 [adamv]
o Fixed updating all tabs on SaveAll #136 [adamv]
o Added 'Close other Tabs' to filemenu #289 [adamv]
o Allow full name filespec matches #193 [adamv]
o Add horizontal scrolling on mousewheel #322 [adamv]
o Remember 'Filter through command' entries #198 [adamv]
o Save scroll state when reloading files #22 [adamv]
o Make 'Show Bundle Editor' checked menu item #310 [adamv]
21-may-2009 - 1.0.34b
o Fixed plain search in 'Find in Files'.
o Removed old 'Find in Files' bundle command
(it had conflicting shortcut).
o Fixed adding slash to drive in cygwin path [adamv].
20-may-2009 - 1.0.34a
o Fixed problem when re-opening remote file.
o Fixed cygwin path off-by-one error [adamv].
o Double-clicking projectpane folder now toogles.
20-may-2009 - 1.0.34
o Added support for Regular Expressions in Find in Project.
o Added keyboard shortcut for Find in Project (Ctrl-Alt-F).
o Fixed some keyboard shortcuts in menu.
o Fixed problem that prevented some bundle shortcuts from
being detected.
o Fixed restoration of unsaved files #358.
o Fixed double-click on project pane folders #357.
16-may-2009 - 1.0.33
o Added simple (but fast) Find in Project dialog.
o Search and Replace now has pop-up history.
o Settings dialog now have page with info about cygwin setup [adamv].
o Settings are now saved in JSON format.
o Repeatedly pressing home key will now toogle between beginning
of a line and the beginning of the indented text #354 [adamv]
o Improved multi-monitor handling #356 [adamv]
o Fixed shortcuts using windows keys was broken.
o Fixed re-opening previously edited bundle items.
o Fixed problem with unicode paths in projects #342 [tea]
o Fixed inf. loop after deleting bundle item #309 [tea]
o Lots of minor improvements and bugfixes.
13-feb-2009 - 1.0.32
o Added experimental support for selective undo.
o Fixed issue with filenames being reset if they had
only the case changed.
17-oct-2008 - 1.0.31
o Fixed detection of correct syntax for bundle items.
o Fixed insertion of separators in bundle menus.
o Fixed cases where deleted bundles returned on restart.
o Fixed completion within autobrackets.
o Pageup/down now works in completion popup.
o Fixed some issues with transformations in snippets.
o Symbols are now stripped of newlines before transformation.
o Fixed crash when opening project settings with file selected.
o Lots of minor bugfixes.
19-sep-2008 - 1.0.30
o Fixed a really nasty memory corruption bug that has been
the source of a lot of crashes.
o Fixed creation of shortcuts in bundle commands.
o Fixed deletion of bundles via context menu.
o Fixed crash when clicking on empty dir in project over FTP.
o Fixed webpreview crash.
o Fixed correct restore of bundle pane state.
o Fixed bundle env is now also set for CompletionCmds.
12-sep-2008 - 1.0.29
o Added an extension to the snippet format so that you can
have the content of a tabstop piped through a shell command.
o Fixed some projectpane related bugs which had been the cause
of a lot of crashes.
4-sep-2008 - 1.0.28
o Added syntax highlighting for Snippets.
o Large speedup when opening projects, and some stability
improvements in handling when external processes make
changes in the project.
o Fixed: Focus on text after doubleclicking item in project/
bundle pane.
o Fixed: Reopening the bundle editor from menu now works.
o Fixed: Removed unneeded request to reload after saving
bundle items.
o Fixed: Some caret issues when last line was wider than
o Fixed: Some text rendering issues.
o Fixed: Show project pane in menu is no longer mixed up with
bundle pane.
o Fixed: Close button in "Remote Profiles" dialog now works.
28-aug-2008 - 1.0.27
o All new bundle editor! You can now edit the bundle items
directly in the editor with all basic features available
(syntax highlighting, snippets, undo history, etc..).
o Hold down shift when selecting an item from the bundle
menu and it will open directly in the editor.
o From the context menu in the bundle pane you can now
export full bundles and individual items for easy sharing.
o Added syntax for MSDOS batch files (.bat).
o Lots of minor bugfixes.
1-aug-2008 - 1.0.26
o Fixed bug that could cause during search and replace.
o Fixed issue with external processes renaming files
in project pane.
o Many minor bugfixes.
20-july-2008 - 1.0.25
o Lots of performance and stability improvements.
o You can now set it to wrap at margin line (in settings).
9-july-2008 - 1.0.24
o Added shortcut to clear all bookmarks (Ctrl-Shift-F2).
o Fixed use of F2 for renaming in project.
o When showing popup menu with multiple bundle items,
they are now sorted by bundle.
2-july-2008 - 1.0.23
o Added Bookmarks.
o Fixed crash with Ctrl-C on empty file.
o You can now also use completions in snippets.
o Fixed partial file problem when downloading bundles
with ewmpty files.
o Fixed some syntax highlighting issues on undo.
o Updated default install to include the Ruby on Rails 2
23-june-2008 - 1.0.22
o Fixed a lot of longstanding undo issues. Undoing is now
a lot faster. It no longer jumps around and it does not
unfold all foldings (only the ones containing changes).
o Added support for showing a margin line (enable and set
width in settings).
o Added 'Copy Path to Clipboard' entry to the tab context
o Running the automatic cygwin installer now also works
with UAC enabled on Vista.
7-june-2008 - 1.0.21
o If you copy a column- or multi-selection, and paste it,
it will now be inserted as a column. If you paste it
over an existing (multi) selection, it will paste in as
many items as fit in the selection(s).
o Lots of minor bugfixes and performance improvements.
23-may-2008 - 1.0.20
o You can now edit Languages and Preferences in the
Bundle Editor (in JSON format).
o The Bundle Editor can now be kept open while you work
in the main editor. If you have made changes in the
bundle editor, there might be a slight pause when you
switch to the main editor (reparsing the bundles).
o When completing (ctrl-space) in front of a punctuation
character, it will now suggest all other words in in
the document that follows same punctuation char.
o When opening an empty file, encoding will be set to
the user defined default.
o Fixed use of margens in Page Setup.
o Fixed parsing of Actionscript 3 syntax.
o Fixed jumping text on drag'n'drop.
o Lots of minor bugfixes.
19-may-2008 - 1.0.19
o Added support for printing.
o Fixed some syntax highlighting bugs.
o Improved indentation handling.
7-may-2008 - 1.0.18
o Major rewrite of the text renderer. It now supports both
proportional and multibyte fonts.
o Fixed piping in web preview.
o Fixed some PHP indentation issues.
o Added the macromates review repo to Bundle Manager.
18-apr-2008 - 1.0.17
o Major speed improvements on startup and opening new documents.
o Updated regex engine to PCRE 7.6
o Fixed problem with unicode in env strings.
o Updated with latest bundles from ebundles.
15-apr-2008 - 1.0.16a
o Fixed web-preview bug.
o Added TM_APPPATH env variable.
o New empty documents with custom encoding are no longer showed
as modified.
13-apr-2008 - 1.0.16
o Encoding for current file is now shown in statusbar (click
to change).
o You can now set default encoding and line endings for new
files in the settings dialog.
o When running bundle commands, current working dir is now
set to the documents location.
o If a bundle does not have fallbackInput defined, it now
defaults to entire document.
o Fixed regression in snippet parsing that broke 'Wrap selection'
in the html bundle.
27-mar-2008 - 1.0.15
o Added Bundle Manager.
With this you can manage all your bundles and easily install
and update bundles from the online repositories.
It is available from the menu item 'Bundles/Edit Bundles/
Bundle Manager'
o Fixed setting of TM_HTML_EMPTY_TAGS env variable.
o Fixed setting of TM_INPUT_START_* env vars when output
is set to 'scope'.
o Fixed use of spaces in tm-file:// paths.
o Fixed a few snippet parsing bugs.
o Updated installed bundles to latest from ebundles.
o Several minor bugfixes.
13-mar-2008 - 1.0.14
o Improvements to e command line tool:
- Added support for piping text in and out.
- There are now options to specify line/column.
- Added "mate" shortcut for use in bundles.
- Added support for cygwin paths.
o Fixed several minor snippet bugs. #212,#215
o Fixed TM_INFUT_START_* env vars. #68
o Added TM_FULLNAME env var.
o TM_SUPPORT/bin is now added to PATH.
o Added support for tm-file:// links in html output.
o Fixed font cache issue. #207
o Ctrl-F4 now closes current document. #218
o Ctrl-C without selection now copies current line to
clipboard. #217
o More fixes to the cygwin updater (Vista related).
6-mar-2008 - 1.0.13
o Added a separate "e" command to run e from the command line
(similar to TextMates "mate" command). This allows you to
control whether it should wait returning until you are done
editing the file (run it with -h to see options).
The installer will add it to the system path, so that it will
be available from the command line.
o Improved the web previews ability to recognize css paths in
html files when doing live css preview with pinned views.
o Improved highlighting of matching brackets. It now also
highlights the background (used to only make it bold), and
the highlight color is themable.
o Double-clicking or ctrl-shift-w on a bracket now selects to
matching bracket.
o Pressing Ctrl-B now jumps to matching bracket (if any).
o txmt urls now also works for dirs (opens project).
o Fixed passing of UNC paths to cygwin.
o Fixed handling of remote servers that return "." and "..".
22-feb-2008 - 1.0.12
o You can now see a live preview while editing css files. Just
open the target html document (which uses the css file), open
'View/Web Preview' and click the 'pin' button. You can now
switch back to the css document and see the effect of all
your changes live.
o Fixed a race condition that on some machines caused regular
hangs and crashes.
o Fixed bug in Regex ReplaceAll that could cause it to hang.
o Fixed bug with Cygwin updater on Vista.
o Several performance improvements.
13-feb-2008 - 1.0.11
o Removed all use of DDE for interprocess communication. This
should finally get rid of all those pesky DDE errors.
o You can now use 'Find in Selections' (Ctrl-Shift-F). When
doing this, find and replace only happens within the current
selection. This also works with multi-selections.
o Lots of minor bugfixes to fix edge cases that occasionally
caused crashes.
1-feb-2008 - 1.0.10
o You can now upload files to remote projects by dragging
them to the project pane.
o DDE failure now gives a more informative error message. #182
o Accel key on 'Close all tabs' changed to avoid confict. #169
o Added shortcut keys and tooltips in search bar. #161
o More accel keys in menu items. #89, #90
o Project pane now allow you to do renames that only change
case. #150
o Saving to read-only files now ask if you want to remove
write protection. #117
o Window position is now only reset if it has become
unreachable. #92
o Shift-clicking inside selections now resizes them.
25-jan-2008 - 1.0.9
o You can now delete, rename and create files and folders
in remote projects.
o Remote projects now handles linked files and dirs correctly.
o Fixed bug that made 'Save As' fail when file existed.
o Fixed bug that made it impossible to open root dirs
as projects.
o Further improvements of handling of files and projects
on unstable network drives.
o Fixed some flicker when opening new documents.
o Added tooltips in Web Preview window.
17-jan-2008 - 1.0.8
o Added preliminary support for remote folders. Right now
it only supports ftp and is very basic (only editing, no
file manipulation yet). But the underlying framework is
very flexible and support for file manipulations and
more protocols will come soon.
o Further improvements of startup speed. Now also shows
a progress dialog when restoring state.
o Fixed a longstanding bug that sometimes caused delay
when swithing back to the window.
o Fixed some delays when working with projects over
network drives.
o Several minor bugfixes and improvements.
27-nov-2007 - 1.0.7
o Many performance improvements, especially to startup
12-nov-2007 - 1.0.6
o Major improvements in auto-pairing of brackets. It now
works even when nested several levels, cleans up extra
bracket on backspacing and writing end bracket jumps
over it. #105,#106
o Pressing shift-tab in snippets, now moves back to
previous tabstop.#82,#69
o Fixed bug that made current file disappear in project
pane. #140
o When selecting words with shift-ctrl-arrows, under-
line is now included.
o --clearundo now removes unneeded files in .wf dir.
5-nov-2007 - 1.0.5
o Added atomic saving. This means that the original
file will always be protected if something should
fail during a save. #108
o Closing last tab could cause a gray view. #129
o Fixed mixup in settings. #120
o SaveAs now warns if the file already exists. #109
o Error messages for saves have been improved.
o Syntaxes can now recognize files with dots in the
extension (like file.html.erb). #118
o Fixed jump to top on shift-select. #95/121
o Fixed bug in ReplaceAll. #101
o Added tooltips on project buttons. #91
o Added two new cmd line options:
--clearlayout resets window layout and positions.
--clearundo clear undo history for all un-
milestoned files.
23-oct-2007 - 1.0.4
o You can now drag the tabs to split the display. This
allows you to see multible documents at the same time.
o If you manually selects a syntax for a file (with the
popup menu), it is remembered next time you open a
file with the same extension.
o Some improvements to startup speed (more to come).
o Lots of minor bugfixes.
7-sep-2007 - 1.0.3
o Added 'Tabs to Spaces' & 'Spaces to Tabs' functions
to the Text menu.
o Clear state on exit if 'Save state' is unselected
in settings.
o Added env vars TM_INPUT_START_LINE &
o Ctrl-X without selection now also cuts the ending
o Recent files list has been increased to 10 items.
o Improved mousewheel handling to also work when set
to scroll pages.
o Fixed bug when searching for individual unicode chars.
17-aug-2007 - 1.0.2
o Added bracket highlighting.
o Pressing Ctrl-X when there is no selection now cuts
the current line. #45
o Ctrl-singleclicking now makes zero-length selection
(eg. to get multible active carets). #44
o Made some fixes to PHP indetation rules.
o F5 now works again for refresh in project pane.
o Some minor bugfixes.
9-aug-2007 - 1.0.1
o Fixed bug that prevented state from being saved. #29
o Added command line option --clearstate. Makes e start up
without opening previous documents.
o Output is now re-selected after running bundle commands
from selections. #24
o Using Shift-Return to insert new line under current line
now respects indentation in snippets. #28
o Holding down ctrl when dragging text now results in a
copy. #20
o Double clicking disabled tab scroller no longer opens
new tab. #21
o New shortcuts:
F3 - Find Next
Shift-F3 - Find Previous
Ctrl-F3 - Find current word/selection
7-aug-2007 - 1.0
o Removed dangling separator in menu after registration.
o Fixed delay on window activation.
o F2 now again works as rename in the project pane.
o Focus now returns to editor after project pane is closed.
6-aug-2007 (135) - Release Candidate 2
o Fixed a rare bug that could cause corruption
when milestoning.
o Further improvements to the indentation handling.
o Fixed bug that messed up folding when changing syntax.
o You now get asked for confirmation when moving files
in the project pane (hold down shift to avoid).
2-aug-2007 (134) - Release Candidate 1
o Implemented drag'n'drop of selections.
o Shift-Enter creates new line.
o Symbol List now has a menu item under views, and it can
be toggled with F2.
o Many improvements and fixes to indentation handling.
o You can now double/tripple-click and drag to select in
increments of words/lines.
o Fixed delay when returning focus to app and checking for
changes on network drives.
o You can now start completion with Ctrl-Space. Multible
presses cycles through the choices.
o Pressing space during completion inserts the choice
and follows it with a space.
o Using the context menu key now works.
o Plist files in bundles are now saved without quotes being
o Updated bundles to latest versions from ebundles.
o Many minor bugfixes.
25-jul-2007 (133)
o Fixed some selections bugs (caused by introduction of the
column select shortcuts).
25-jul-2007 (132)
o You can now do column selections from the keyboard,
just hold down alt and use the arrow keys.
o Improved path conversion in HTML output.
o Added option to disable change checking.
o Added option to disable auto wrapping of selections.
o Fixed use of # as bunde shortcut.
o Added menu item for 'Complete Word'.
o Fixed some case where path was compared case-sensitive.
o Bundle and Theme editor is now more resizeable.
o Fixed use of non-alnum snippet triggers inside quotes.
o Fixed problem with deleting project env vars.
o Some performance improvements on startup time.
o Lots of minor bugfixes.
16-jul-2007 (130)
o Undo now only scrolls if the change is not visible.
o Del current line is now single undo step.
o Fixed fold rendering for Python files.
o Fixed occasional delay when activating window.
o Fixed regex bug in Ruby/folding.
o Fixed some duplicate uuid's in bundles.
o Updated regex engine to pcre 7.2.
o Updated the cygwin installer.
o Help now open the manual in the wiki.
o Lots of minor bugfixes.
4-jul-2007 (129)
o Undo and Redo now moves caret to the position of
the last change.
o Writing of timestamps is now more robust (shold
work better on networked drives).
o Fixed restore bug when opening new files while
window was maximized.
o Fixed bug when folding the last line in doc.
o Fixed bug when symbollist in statusbar contained
empty items.
o Lots of minor bugfixes.
28-jun-2007 (128)
o Fixed some folding related rendering bugs.
o Alt key now works for menu navigation.
o File/Exit now has x as shortcut.
o Fixed bug that made PageUp loop when hitting top.
o Tripple click now also selects the ending newline.
o Fixed case conversions for chars outside default
o When opening files from the shell, e will now be
restored if it was minimized.
o Open/Save dialogs now set current dir after this
priority: current tab, project dir, last used dir,
current working dir.
o Added 'Save All' and 'Close All'.
o Added 'Fold Others' command, that opens current
fold and closes all others (shortcut Alt-F1).
o Added shortcut for select fold (Shift-F1).
o You can now also select by clicking the fold end.
o Fixed search highlighting when theme contain
colored backgrounds.
o Improved handling of links in html output.
o Updated the the search icon (thanks to Charles
22-jun-2007 (127)
o Folding! You can now fold logical pieces of text
by cliking on the fold indicators next to the
line numbers. The rules for folding is defined
in the bundles syntax files and depend on
matching indentation.
o When you have a closed fold, you can mouse over
the fold marker at the end of the line to see
a preview (tooltip).
o When mousing over the fold indicator, it will be
highlighted. This helps when there are several
folds within eachother.
o Click a fold indicator anywhere but on the button
and it will select the entire fold.
o Doubleclick a fold indicator to fold it.
o You can toggle folds with F1.
o You can Fold All (Shift-F1) and Unfold All (Alt-
Shift-F1), these are also available from the View
o Select Fold is also available from the context
4-jun-2007 (126)
o Added 'Insert websafe color' command to the html
bundle. See more details at:
o Added the ability to search in the symbol list
(using same algorithm as 'Go to file').
o Added shortcut to switch between symbol list and
editor (Ctrl-L). You can also hold down shift
when making a selection in the symbol list. This
will close it before moving to symbol in editor.
o Symbol list is now better at remembering pane
position between sessions.
o Fixed replace bug that triggered 'wrap selections'.
o Several minor bugfixes.
25-may-2007 (125)
o Fixed conflicting menus that prevented changing
syntax from status bar.
25-may-2007 (124)
o Added support for Symbol Lists. You can now see
the current symbol in the statusbar and if you
click on it you get a menu where you can quickly
jump to other symbols. It is also possible to
keep a pane open that shows you a live list of
symbols in the document.
Which symbols to show is defined in the bundles
preference files so it can easy be customized.
o You can now navigate between tabs with ctrl-tab
and ctrl-shift-tab. Pressing ctrl-tab will move
you to the last active tab, and any subsequent
presses (without letting go of ctrl) will
advance through the next tabs.
o The completion popup can now extend beyond the
editing area.
o Input of native chars should now work in all
o Some minor performance improvements.
16-may-2007 (123)
o Added Completion when pressing esc. By default
it offers a list of other matching words in the
document (sorted by distance), but the bundles
can also supply lists of words or generate them
from a command depending on scope.
o Added context menu when right-clicking in editor.
o The project pane no longer checks closed sub-dirs
for the case where the filters removes all items.
This may occasionally result in an expand button in
front of an 'empty' dir, but it makes the project
pane much more responsive, especially over network.
o Shift-Tab now always dedents current line / selection.
o Added key diagnostics mode to find out why some
key don't work in certain locales.
o Fixed some env paths in native mode that still was
in unix format.
o Fixed bug that prevent deletion of bundles.
o Added preferences for comments in html & xhtml.
o Uninstaller now also removes context menu entries.
o Further improvements to Vista compatibility.
9-may-2007 (122)
o wxCocoaDialog windows will now seem like they are
child windows of e. This should fix focus issues and
look more elegant (no separate taskbar entry).
o wxCocoaDialog now has a html runmode that allows you
to create a ui in html and get feedback when links
are clicked.
o Windows native commands will no longer ask for cygwin
if it is not installed.
o Fixed bug that could make the preview window steal focus.
3-may-2007 (121)
o It is now possible to create bundle commands that run
in the native windows environment (without cygwin).
This is done by selecting 'Windows native' in the
environment dropdown. When run in native mode, scripts
are executed as bat scripts, unless starting with a
shebang (#!) that defines another interpreter.
o The live web preview can now be docked and it's state
is remembered between sessions.
o You can now select current scope with alt-doubleclick.
o Many minor bugfixes.
20-apr-2007 (120)
o Added selection of current scope on Ctrl-Shift-Space
(also available from menu). If you keep hitting it,
it will cycle through the available scopes.
o Add shortcuts for Select Word (Ctrl-Shift-W) and Select
Line (Ctrl-Shift-L).
o Fixed bug when searching with regex in text with unicode
o Bundles can now also get the contents of current scope
as input.
o Fixed bug that made all restored documents open with
same syntax.
o Some further improvements to Vista compatibility.
18-apr-2007 (119)
o Added support for auto-pairing of characters like quotes
and brackets. It can be disabled in the settings dialog.
o Auto-pairing can also be used to wrap selections. Just
type the first char of the pair and all selections will
be wrapped.
o Keeping state between sessions is now default.
This could always be done by holding down shift when
closing e. It can be disabled in the settings dialog.
o New colors that can be configured in the Theme Editor:
- Search highlighting
- Gutter (line numbers)
- Multi-edit background
o Ctrl-0 now shows the dropdown with list of tabs.
o Ctrl-9 now always takes you to the last tab.
o Double-clicking the background of the tabbar now adds a
new tab.
o The env for bundle commands now includes the full windows
10-apr-2007 (118)
o Improved application startup time.
o Added confirmation dialog when deleting bundles in Bundle
o Editing area now shows a text cursor.
o Fixed some text rendering bugs. Underlines does no longer
get overwritten by highligted backgrounds on lines below
and leading spaces in embedded syntaxes also gets
o The collaboration features has been disabled. They will
return in a much more powerful version, when the TextMate
support has stabilized.
o Removed toolbar. The icons needed updating and where mostly
related to collaboration.
o Many improvements to Vista compatibility. Settings and
bundle changes are now kept in the users app data dir
(the installer will move existing files).
o There is now an entry in the registry with the full path
to e.exe.
o Many minor bugfixes.
30-mar-2007 (117)
o Reworked the regex engine so it now supports multi-line
matches in search and replace.
o Replace All is much faster now.
o If a search does not find a match following the caret, it
now starts over from the top. If this happens the background
of the search field turns light blue to let you know that
it has restarted from top.
o You can now triple-click to select a line.
o Pressing Ctrl-K deletes to end-of-line. If the caret already
is at end-of-line, it now deletes the newline.
o Added Redo command (Ctrl-Y). If there are multible branches
to choose from it will show a dialog with the undo history.
o Shifting text left (de-indenting) will now also remove
leading whitespace that is less than tab width.
o Ctrl-Shift-P switches focus between editor and project pane
(opening it if needed).
o 'Go to File' now also works when the project pane is hidden.
o Keyboard shortcuts in project pane:
Arrow keys: Up, down and open, close folder
Enter: Open file in editor
F2: Rename
Shift-F10: Show context menu
26-mar-2007 (116)
o Added 'Go to File' dialog (Ctrl-Shift-T), to allow you
to quickly open files in your project. It learns from the
shortcuts you use to open files, so the more you use it
the faster it will get.
o Fixed snippet expansion bug, when the same tabtrigger was
used in multible scopes.
o Bugfix: sometimes the 'reload modified files' files dialog
was shown twice.
o Bugfix: sometimes after switching windows the mouse could
lock to the editor window.
o Fixed drawing bug that in some cases could make parts of
the editor window transparent.
o Bugfix: reordering of tabs was accidentally broken in 115.
o Fixed some search highlighting bugs.
o Many minor bug fixes and improvements.
20-mar-2007 (115)
o Added ability to filter which files and dirs are shown in
the project pane.
o You can now set project specific env variables.
o Fixed crash when refreshing empty project.
o Extensions in drag commands are now case insensitive.
o Added two new env variables TM_CARET_XPOS and TM_CARET_YPOS.
They contain the position of the caret (in screen coords),
and are only set if the caret is visible.
o Fixed some bugs in snippet handling, when having multible
tabstops contained inside eachother.
o Fixed some cases where the project panes dnd got hyper-
sensitive (easily causing accidental moves).
o Updated wxCocoaDialog to v0.5.
o Added ImageInfo command to Support dir.
o Updated standard bundles with latest changes from ebundles.
13-mar-2007 (114)
o Added smart word wrap option where all wrapped lines are
indented as start. It can be enabled from the menu 'View >
Word Wrap'.
o Improved updating of icons in project pane.
o When starting e from explorer, it should now always pop to
o Fixed middle-click on tab so it closes the clicked tab
instead of the selected tab.
o You can now toogle show/hide of project pane with Ctrl-P.
o If the project pane is active you can refresh it with F5.
9-mar-2007 (113)
o Icons in project view is now drawn with overlays. So if you
use explorer extensions like TortoiseSVN, you can now see the
files status directly in the project view.
o Project view now supports right clicking to get a full
explorer context menu.
o Many improvements to drag'n'drop and file handling in project.
o When you drag files the the text area, and there are drag commands
that matches the files, you now always get a popup menu so you
can choose between opening the files and doing drag commands.
o Added 'Go to Line' dialog (in navigation menu).
6-mar-2007 (112)
o To the system AltGr equals Alt+Ctrl, which gave a lot of conflicts
between bundle shortcuts and national chars in certain locales.
It took a bit of low-level hacking, but now it is detected if
AltGr is the source, and if that is the case it won't trigger
bundle shortcuts.
o Fixed a crash if a saved state had toolbar set.
o Bugfix: switching tab type had no effect.
o Fixed some issues with clearing and setting shortcuts in bundle
o Updated the cygwin postinstall script to make correct links to
pbcopy and pbpaste (they were swapped in wrong order).
5-mar-2007 (111)
o Bugfix: after reordering tabs and saving state (by holding down
shift when closing), the wrong active tab was saved.
o Bugfix: In some cases the pinned webpreview did not get updated
on save in other tabs.
o Reworked crash reporting to remove dependency on psapi.dll. This
was the cause of many crashes on system with conflicting versions
of the dll.
o Many minor bugfixes.
3-mar-2007 (110)
o You can now drag tabs to reorder them.
o Each tab button now has it's own close button.
o If you have many tabs open, you can now use the button at
the right end of the tabs to get a drop-down list.
o A pinned web preview now also gets refreshed when other
pages are saved.
o Fixed bug when deleting commands in bundle editor.
27-feb-2007 (109)
o You can now pin the web preview to a specific tab. This is
useful for case like when you edit a css file and want to
see a live preview of it's effect on a html file.
o Added support for selecting syntax language via keyboard
o Fixed imagelist problem when doing fast creation/deletion
of files in project.
o e now also accepts events from outside programs (like 'open'
calling via txmt protocol), while in process of executing
o Fixed problem with pasting from e, while in process of
executing a bundle command.
o Fixed bug in bundle editor where only first extension in
dragcommands would be saved.
o Updated wxCocoaDialog to v0.4.
23-feb-2007 (108)
o Added live web preview.
o txmt protocol now also works outside e (it used to only work
in the html output window). You can now use it directly from
any browser or from cygwin with commands like:
open "txmt://open/?url=file:///cygdrive/c/text.txt&line=11
o When bundle commands are set to save all files (in project),
and there is no open project, they now save the current tab.
o Ctrl-K now deletes to end-of-line (Ctrl-Shift-K for entire
o You can now swap words by transposing (Ctrl-T) between them.
o If cygwin needs to be installed/updated, e will now notify
the user on startup, to avoid breaking the wordflow later.
21-feb-2007 (107)
o Fixed bug that could keep DragCommands from being saved.
o After recieving doing a DragCommand the window now gets focus
and gets activated.
20-feb-2007 (106)
o Added Support for Drag Commands.
o Made the check for modifications a bit less sensitive.
o Removed some drawing artifacts from indent guides in selected
o Some performance improvements to screen redrawing.
o Bugfix: Commands that asked for a word as input where none was
available, did not get executed.
o Fixed some some cases where the editor client window ended
up with a wrong width (most notably with font changes).
o The xml encoding used when saving plist files is now a lot
less strict. So chars like tabs and newlines are no longer
entity encoded, making it a lot more readable.
o When searching, it will now also scroll horizontally to show
o Fixed problem with menu disappearing after bundle reload.
o Removed psapi.dll from installation as it caused all kinds
of conflicts if the user had IE7 installed.
o Updated wxCocoaDialog to v0.3.
o Made some small fixes to
o When e is launched after install/upgrade it now shows release
13-feb-2007 (105)
o E now detects cygwin install status, and allow the user to
do an automatic install/update with all the needed packages.
o If bundle commands are marked to 'save all' before execution
they now only save files that belong to current project.
o Added plist.rb to Support/lib.
o Fixed textmate.rb so that it works even if mac pref files
are not present.
o Removed some flicker when opening and closing tabs.
o Updated application icons.
o You can now extend selections by shift-clicking linenumbers.
o Tab-triggers now also work when they span multible lines
in snippets.
o When transposing multible selections, they now stay selected.
o Added the option to show indent guides.
10-feb-2007 (104)
o Fixed bug which could make the bundle menu could stop
working after editing items in the bundle editor,
o Fixed some problems with syntax highlighting in embedded
o Fixed some bugs with dublicate actions when using shortcuts.
o Slightly increased the size of trigger text in menus.
o Selecting with Ctrl-Shift-Left/Right went too far when
reaching end-of-line.
9-feb-2007 (103)
o You can now edit the menu structure of the bundles in the
Bundle Editor.
o Fixed some cases where the linenumbers became italic.
o The choice of env values from bundles are now more
selective. It now only get the one with the best matching
o txmt: locators now handles being url encoded.
7-feb-2007 (102)
o Env variables from the bundle preferences are now set.
o TM_LINE_INDEX was of by one (should be zero-based).
o A few minor bugfixes.
4-feb-2007 (101)
o If cygwin was already on the path, the path would not get
defined in the env for commands.
o WordWrap can now be toggled on and off.
o It is now detected if open documents have been changed by
external programs.
o Bundles are now shown in the menu even if they do not have
an explicit menu structure in their info.plist.
o Shift-clicking can now extend previous selection.
o Commands that replace the entire document now keeps the same
caret position if possible.
o Many minor bugfixes.
29-jan-2007 (100)
o 'Save As' now adds files to the recent files list.
o Fixed an encoding conversion bug which could make a save
fail halfway.
o Searching now works with the Regular Expression '^' and
generally works much better with zero-length matches.
o Undo and Revision History now supports mouse wheel scrolling.
o Popup menus now have numbers as shortcuts for the first items.
o Copy and Paste of large amounts of text is now much faster.
o Improved error reporting when language syntaxes contain
regular expressions with errors.
o Clicking with shift down now selects from last position.
o Fixed some bugs in syntax parser which would report that
some regexes was invalid. This should also improve
performance a bit.
o Tabs in snippets now respects current tab settings.
o Tab triggers for snippets now also work if preceded by
a non-alphanumeric char (like '>' in html).
o 'Open Dir as Project' now remember where it last opened.
o Project root can no longer be collapsed.
o Project pane is now better at detecting external changes.
o Added CocoaDialog.exe to /Support/bin/
26-jan-2007 (99)
o Bundle Editor! This is very early release so there are
still some rough edges, but it should give a good feel
for where it is going.
o Bugfix: De-indenting (shift-left) in empty doc crashed.
o Bugfix: Killing (with esc) a cygwin process while it was
piping back text could cause a crash.
o The linenumber bar is now at least 2 columns wide.
o Further fixes to input from local charsets.
o Disabled syntax elements are now _really_ disabled again.
(this caused some problems in the python syntax).
o If a bundle has a local support dir, it will now have
precedence over the original.
22-jan-2007 (98)
o When editing labels in the project pane, it was easy
to accidentally trigger drag'n'drop, and move the file/
dir to neighboring directory.
o Fixed a bug that mangled numpad chars.
21-jan-2007 (97)
o Fixed a few syntax highlighting bugs
o In some locales certain local chars got filtered out.
o Added bundle reload command (in bundle menu).
o Added option to get debug output from bundle commands.
(found in tmcmd.log in e's install dir)
o Fixed a bug that could disable indentation rules.
o Fixed bug that could get up and down cursor movement
out of sync.
o Fixed some cases where running bundle commands could
freeze the updating of the underlying windows.
o It is now possible to keep using the program beyond
the trial period. This will stay possible for as
long as the program is in beta.
o Local changes to bundles can now be kept in their
own directory to avoid getting overwritten on every
To do this you just need to create a dir with the
name 'local', under the 'Bundles' dir. In there
you can replicate the needed parts of the bundles
directory structure and add the new or modified
bundle items.
When the bundle editor comes, this will all be
handled automatically.
o Execution of bundle commands is a lot more stable.
o Added Ctrl-Shift-S as shortcut for 'Save As'.
16-jan-2007 (96)
o Fixed cases where cygwin was not added to path.
o Fixed bug that could delete first part of snippet.
16-jan-2007 (95)
o Major performance improvement for bundle commands.
o Fixed tranformation bug in snippets.
o Fixed some minor syntax highlighting bugs
o Ctrl-Delete and Ctrl-Back now deletes one word at a time.
o Bundle items can now have a windows specific section
(winCommand for Commands and winContent for snippets).
This allows bundles to be modified with windows specific
commands without messing them up for TextMate users.
o Now includes full Java bundle.
12-jan-2007 (94)
o Added keyboard shortcuts for case conv. commands.
o Added caching of bundle info between sessions. This makes
subsequent startups much faster.
o Fixed a minor transpose bug.
8-jan-2007 (93)
o Added 'Open as e Project' to shell context menu.
o Slight improvement of cygwin detection.
o Added case conversion commands.
o Added Transpose command.
o Added menu items for indentation (can also be done with
Tab and Shift-Tab).
o You can now close tabs with Ctrl-W.
o Ctrl-Shift-Home/End now selects to start/end of document.
o Home now moves to first text after indentation (on current
o Removed the 'Retrieve document' dialog, which was very
confusing for users. It will be redesigned and added again
when I start extending the collaboration features.
3-jan-2007 (92)
o TM_INPUT_START_LINE_INDEX had a wrong offset.
o Now uses embedded internet explorer for html output. This
greatly improves the quality of the output :-)
2-jan-2007 (91)
o Bugfix: In some locales extended chars would not get inserted.
o The caret now gets the right size after font change.
o Added TM_INPUT_START_LINE_INDEX env variable.
o Fixed a few snippet bugs that mostly influenced the python
o Fixed bug in case-sensitive searching.
29-dec-2006 (90)
o Added theme editor. Now you can finally change the font :-)
o Many improvements to editor redrawing.
15-dec-2006 (89)
o Loading of themes is now much faster.
o Files in project should now be sorted correct even if the
filesystem fails to give them in order.
o Bugfix: Using char based bundle commands on empty documents.
o Bugfix: Deleting outside active snippet.
13-dec-2006 (88)
o Changed version number scheme to
o The installer now only install psapi.dll, if it is not already
o Added Latex syntaxes.
o The list of syntax modes is now sorted alphabetically.
o TM_BUNDLE_SUPPORT was mistaken with TM_BUNDLE_PATH, overwriting
the other variable. It has been returned to the correct name.
o 'Yes' and 'No' in TM_SOFT_TABS has been changed to all uppercase
to comply with TextMate.
o Column counter is now correct with multi-byte chars.
o Removed some caret drag.
o Some small improvements to syntax highlighting.
12-dec-2006 (87)
o Hidden files are no longer shown in projects.
o Fixed bug in indentation when decreasing right after an increase.
o Major speedup of shell command startup time. etc/profile was
very slow (and was run before every command). It has been
replaced with a minimal initialization using TM_BASH_INIT.
o Increased speed of syntax-highlighting with about 30%.
o The environment variables TM_SOFT_TABS and TM_TAB_SIZE are now
set to the correct values.
o Fixed a few syntax-highlighting bugs.
11-dec-2006 (86)
o Added a few project specific environment variables.
o When double-clicking a file in the project pane, it now checks
the first few kb to see if it is a text file. If it is a binary
file, and not explicitly associated with e, it will try to open
it with whichever application it is associated with. You can
force it to open in e by holding down shift when clicking or
dragging it to the text area.
o Diagnosed the maximize problem with help from nnc and kamal.
It should be fixed now.
o Slight increase in startup speed of shell scripts.
9-dec-2006 (85)
o Basic project managment now works.
o Fixed missing label for untitled tabs in "Go to tab" menu.
o Fixed a few soft-tab bugs
o Some old versions could save wrong window size to the config
when maximized. This was fixed long ago but, if you had
the wrong size in your config the problem would persist.
I have fixed this so that it always verifies that the saved
window size fit on the screen (this should also help if
you change resolution).
5-dec-2006 (84)
o Added support for soft tabs and different tab sizes.
o You can now close tabs with the middle mouse button.
o Fixed some faulty shortcuts in bundles.
o Fixed bug with regex replacements in snippets.
o Fixed dirname bug with
o Ctrl-Home and Ctrl-End now moves to top and end of doc.
30-nov-2006 (83)
o Fixed some minor syntax highlighting bugs.
29-nov-2006 (82)
o Finished phase 2 of syntax highlighting performance
improvements. There may still be a slight lag when
editing large files, but it will all disapear with
phase 3.
o Added link to Support Forum in Help menu.
o Fixed trailing backtick from shell commands in snippets.
o Default text for env varibles in snippets are now inserted
correct (it's behaviour was reversed).
o Fixed removal of search highlighting when the last char
in search field was deleted.
27-nov-2006 (81)
o Added Rails bundle.
o Fixed usage of backtics to execute shell commands
in snippets.
o Fixed bug when deleting out of tabstop in snippets.
o Snippets are now indented correct.
o Fixed a few indentation bugs.
o Added navigation menu for quick movement between tabs.
23-nov-2006 (80)
o Added basic support for transparency in themes.
o Fixed many small syntax highlighting bugs.
o Changed default theme to 'Mac Classic'.
22-nov-2006 (79) Many Small bugfixes
o Pressing esc to cancel a running shell command could cause
a delayed crash.
o Now always shows busy cursor when running shell commands.
o Numpad keys now work.
o Support for XML input for commands.